What is there to know?

A little about me

Call me Miss Cheeks due to the fact that no matter what, my face will always look like a rice cake. Otherwise, call me Jade.

I’m just a twenty something girl that loves to take pictures.write and share my lively days with others.

I was born in North Carolina, US but 3 days after I was born I moved to Virginia and this is where I’ve been ever since. 

I speak fluent English & Tagalog and no, I do not have the Filipino accent when I speak English.

I love sharing my random finds throughout my days and that’s exactly what I’ll be doing! I take random pictures all of the time. I do not claim I am a photographer because I am not. 98% of my pics are taken with my Samsung galaxy s5.

I love thrifting/shopping in general, cars, bikes,guns, video games, food, weird/random ass things, creativity, artwork, my nails  and writing.

I love games & apps. I am a gamer that enjoys MMOs primarily and FPS. Sim games alongside are pretty dope too.

Since  some of my strongest posts will be about thrifting, remember that thrifting can’t just be a hobby. Thrifting can be a way of life…a most cost effective one at that.

There are an infinite number of things people may not know about me that I just simply don’t say “HEY HERE I AM LOOK AT ME”, if you’re curious, just ask me :]

 There are a lot of things that are important to me that I may write about which may include God, Family, Friends, and Love.If there is anything that you’re opposed to/offended by and want to talk ish about things I’ve never claimed to be or just simply don’t like me/or even hate me, then please just overlook what I’ve posted or just simply eff off and click the “x” on the corner of my tab. If you wish to continue to be rude, you may be rude in your own private space, ALONE.Thank you and have a wonderful day.

3 thoughts on “What is there to know?

  1. hello, i see you’re LVN too. im a newly graduate and just recently took nlcex-pn last march, still waiting (hard part) but yea i tried the pearson vue trick and gave me the good pop up but i still want the real proof.
    we made a website specially for LVN/LPN hopefully i see you there, help us help others with there school and passing nlcex, share us your thoughts. thank you

    • Good luck! The pop up worked for me as well as other people I went to school with. At the moment I’m still waiting to be hired or to apply for the RN program as my school gives consideration for PN grads. I’ll make time to check out the link and thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

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