I know I said I’d fully fill y’all in but…


… I lied. There is so much stuff that’s happened since the summer until now so for this post, it’ll be the tidbits leading to Christmas and beyond. Whatever had happened previously, I’ll have separate posts for each “event” which will most likely be mentioned with “(separate future post)” to the side.

For now, here are a few things from the past few weeks including my Christmas:

There was this old, old, weird wreath we had that had cat cutouts and broken Christmas bulbs so I took all the shrubbery off and yes, I ripped the poorly glued cats off and recycled it into this using a few things!


Christmas eve/Christmas Day

My family tradition is to go to church Christmas eve and then open presents midnight. Our Christmas day is either for parties or gaining 80+ lbs watching reruns of The Christmas Story. Here are a few highlights:

The above collage sums up some of our presents from fam and from my boyfriend and I to each other.
I freaked when I opened my mom’s gift for me which is that beautiful Michael Kors bag (future separate post). Thank you ma!
Jammer pants
My 2nd oldest brother always gives me funny gifts so he gave me pajamas with sushi and miso soup bowls and it says “MISO CRAZY” all over it haha.
YES! I actually got a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 the first week of October (separate future post) and this is the helmet I’ve been wanting since I got the bike. Thanks babe! He always gives me the coolest stuff ^^
Patrick’s presents
-Triumph flag: Patrick recently got a Triumph Daytona 675 after his Yamaha r6 got ran over (separate future post)… Yes I’m serious when I say got ran over. He has a yamaha flag up in his garage and since he got the new Triumph, I got him a flag for the garage.
-Ar15 tee: if you’ve followed my posts over the past few years, yes, we’re pro gun people. I thought it’d be nice for him to have an industry related tee to wear to work.
-Beer thangs: I made him a basket with a growler that says “hopped up like a kid on candy” and 6 different types of beer. He loves IPAs so I scrounged for some at World Market.



My 2nd oldest bro got me this as an “early open” present aaaand it’s definitely going on my desk at work.
That box contains 75 little baglets of Jelly Belly. Who doesn’t love Jelly Belly?! If you don’t, you suck -. –


Christmas day

It was my nephew’s first Christmas so he couldn’t come over to open presents at midnight. They came around noon and we opened our presents then.
Motorcycle angel bells
My brother and his wife gifted my boyfriend and I with angel bells for our motorcycles. For those of you who don’t know about them, look it up and you’ll see why it was one of the best Christmas presents for us riders especially coming from another rider aka my oldest brother.


… Us being weird after present opening



Our Christmas was SUPER awkward….
I say that because I live in the 757 of Virginia. As we all know, Hampton Roads is known for bi-polar weather. It was 70 degrees on Christmas day. Who knew it would be moto weather? Above is my ninjette upfront and my boyfriend’s 675 behind. We rode around the neighborhood for an hour and I didn’t drop woohooooo! I’m fairly new to riding although almost everyone in my fam including cousins ride. Since I got my bike in October, I haven’t gotten to practice much due to weather and being busy. I mean weather because October and November here was pretty frigid (so damn backwards for Christmas -. -) and my riding gear is pretty much a spring and summer set up.

… I didn’t mention I dropped a bike the first time I went riding did I? Nope! Future post! Lmao


After Christmas

As the world knows, the boyfriend and I are gamers. We started playing Project Zomboid which is super 90’s graphics but super realistic survival wise. Pictured above was Saturday the 27th. I had a bad dream so he made me feel better with Old Bay fries and tenders. What boyfriend cooks you gaming food?! My awesome boyfriend does!


Dead Rising 3 was a Steam sale the other day so we got that and have been playing. Almost all reviews mention the bugginess and pictured above is one of them on his computer.

I’ll be reviewing a few games (fps/mmo) in the near future as well.

Welp, that sums it up some. I apologize for this mess but I had to! I hope everyone’s holidays have been filled with being around loved ones and fun! Thanks for reading!

… Psst next post: thrifting after Christmas. I wanted to keep my fashion stuff separate!

.:Candy Crush Is Ruining My Life:.

ImageOut of all frickin’ people, I swear. I was NOT supposed to play this damn game. I got so many dumbass FB requests for this game.

I was like “doo ta dooo let’s see why the hell the entire world is hooked on this…”

…..5 lives lost later

candy crush no lives heartIt keeps you going because it pisses you off.

Yes. Fuckin’ hell I want my life back!

…I’m talking all of this shit and here I am at 1am doing candy crush nails and posting about it when I should be driving somewhere -.-

This is Why I Love Screen Shots!


Ahh it’s nice to be able to have convos like this with your other half muahahaha

If anyone has a cell that hasn’t been rooted and you can’t screen shot ish, download GO SMS in the Droid Play Store! It has a built in Screen Shotting for the app!

Not trying to advertise or anything and be like “WHOOO I GET PAID TO LIE” because no, I do not lol…just saying that GO SMS allows this kind of shit to be captured if you don’t have SS on your cell lol. if you haven’t checked it out, go do so. It’s free and has a lot of random/awesome capabilites with customization including a privacy box (dun dun dun USE THIS WISELY! You know wth I’m talking about you secret..secret pantsed people!)

Not so pretty Lollipop Chainsaw Nails


Not so pretty Lollipop Chainsaw Nails

As ya’ll know, i’m a shitty perfectionist. I figured I’d snap a shot of this before I completely clean em’ off and redo a completely different theme haha. So let’s call this…Nail Of The Minute.

Lol @ Wally World


Lol @ Wally World

2 nights ago I was at Walmart late as hell as usual and of course I come across some shit like this lol. I have no idea why the hell this was so funny to me that it was post-worthy! Looks like someone dropped by the cosmetics first before the toy aisles.

Spermagotchi on Tamagotchi L.I.F.E app for Android


For those of you who don’t know, Bandai released a free Tamagotchi L.I.F.E (Love is fun everywhere) app for Android for their 16th birthmas. I remember bringing these to school back in the day and getting them confiscated because these little bitches were hungry and decided “ooh social studies time, time to CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!”. Remember these? Keychains were at their heaviest weights back in the day! Alongside of Nano pets, these are pretty darn OG.


There’s 2 modes for this app, the first picture is the oldschool keychain version and this one is the cleaner and easier interface. By the way, that right there is apparently “Pink Nyorotchi”…My egg gadget evolved into this about 10 minutes ago. It said “Your Tamagotchi is calling you!” *taps on the app* BAM. My Tama turned into a SPERMAGOTCHI. I had no idea wtf I was looking at on my screen until it told me what it was. I’ve had quite of a collection of these back in the day and I don’t remember a spermagotchi…

Speaking of evolutions…last night my boyfriend attempted to joke how I did not open the app once yesterday and then opened his and turned his Galaxy to me and said

Him-“Look babe it evolved!”




It’s fairly comparable to the original versions, however, this has 1 game which as you can see is Rock Paper Scissors. In the key chain mode, the game is “look this way” where you press left or right and if your pet looks that way they win. If you’ve played the old ones, you should know to let these little bitches win if you want them happy. I mean, I’d be pissed too if I was stuck in an egg and had to wait for muheffers to feed me and clean up my poop.

Differences from other version compared to this:

-You have one kind of food (bread) and one kind of snack (candy) that need not to be bought with points

-You have only one kind of game  with each mode (Rock paper scissors/look this way )

-Easier on the mobile devices rather than pressing those stupid tiny buttons that sometimes get stuck

-More vivid color

-Free, not having to be a kid/having a kid bitching at the store about a $7-$14 fake responsibility vehicle

-Legit as fuck

So yeah guys, it’s free! So if you miss the nostalgic feeling of being needed via virtual responsibility, go for it and download already!