Kmart Makeup Haul


After the holidays although broke, I’ve been scrounging around for deals. While in Kmart, I noticed more and more yellow stickers as I was breezing through the aisles and made multiple stops. I’ve never noticed before how many markdowns on cosmetics they do!
Care to take a gander?


Elf Eyelid Primer in “Pearl” – $0.75

I’m not going to lie, I don’t use expensive primer at all. I actually use elf’s eyelid primer but the nude colored one which is the only kind I’ve seen until now. Maybe I’m blind? I’ve never seen it in pearl before.

Here you see the difference between the two. All in all, the original is my favorite due to the fact that it’s matte. The problem with the pearl is that it’s shiny and glittery like an eyeshadow and it took me a twice build up to cover it. It works though, you just have to work with it.

Rimmel Liquid Cheek Tint in “Pop of Pink” – $1.64

I’ve never used a liquid tint or blush before and the price took me in.

Above you can see it blended and unblended on my forearm. It took a twice build up to get it to really show much color  but it doesn’t take much. It goes on smoothly and blends on the skin perfectly and looks very natural.

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in “Stargazer”  and “Solstice”-$1.49 each

Generally, I’m not much of a shimmery lip product person but the price for me was worth a shot to see if I could actually find something gleaming I’d like.
I had to post this so ya’ll could see my natural no flash skin tone and lip color.For some reason with flash, I end up multiple shades darker.

The” Stargazer” added a champagne/taupe tint and “Solstice”  pulled my undertones for a deeper red. The shimmer surprisingly is pretty muted and the application was pretty smooth. One thing I absolutely hate about certain products is when they do that weird, cake like rolling and this doesn’t thankfully!

Sinful Colors in”Galax-sea”. Sinful Shine in “Prosecco” and “Wisp” – $1.49 each

Everyone and their momma’s know that I absolutely adore sinful colors no matter what collection. I was happy to find some of the “Sinful Shine” because it holds true to the collection even before a topcoat! I know they retail at $1.99 but cheaper is still better ^^


Fergie Nail Polish in “Hollywood Walk of Fame” – $1.74

Out of the Fergie collection, I’ve only used the gel liner (which ended up replacing my Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner at like half the price with same lasting power). This is just a clear base with a shit ton of colored stars. It’ll definitely be an overlay on a solid.

I hope you guys check out your local areas too and end up with dope finds!

Soon I should be posting up a NYX haul and maybe a few others. I’ve gotten things recently and just haven’t gotten around it em.

Thanks for stopping by!

Funky FANGERS and crappy polish remover (-.-)

ImageAs most of y’all know, I’m frugal when possible. I’m not one to constantly buy OPI, China glaze, Zoya, etc. From time to time sure, otherwise, not so much. I’ve posted Funky Fingers branded nail polish from Five Below previously, well here’s some more!



Glitter specs– Rounded aqua and silver


Base– Clear

Glitter specs– Purple, pink and gold


Base– Creamy lilac

Glitter specs– Black and silver


As you can see, Fro yo! comes out just as if you would have done the “jelly sandwich” design all in one step! Lady Chalotte just reminds of me of Mardi Gras and Love Park reminds me of a fancy winter lol.

As usual, these were 3/$5.

Are they the best brand ever? Not compared to Sinful Colors which I do love to heart but it comes out nicely if shaken/rolled well.


I bought this previously at Walmart…I was like “OOOH SCRAWBURRY SCENTED!” Yeah… not so much. I was tired of using 100% acetone to take off glitter and making my hands look like Dave Chappelle’s lips.

I bought this because:

1. I thought it was a reasonable price (around 3 bucks…cheap right? uh..yeaah…)

2. It supposedly smelled like strawberry

3. It includes vitamin E and grape seed oil.

The bottle states that it removes:

-Nail polish

-Nail glue

-Glitter polish

-and more (OOoOOoOh)


The instructions say to press firmly and wipe, repeat as needed.

Let’s take a look…


As instructions stated, I “moistened cotton ball/round”, “massaged nail bed, pressing firmly from cuticle to nail tip” .”wiped clean and repeated”

…..I did and repeated for over 10 minutes as I re-moistened my cotton pad.

Yeah..well this is what happened…


Yup…this is the turn out.

I ended up saying screw it and rubbed and grinded like normal remover and shit still doesn’t work -.-

I’d say you get what you pay for but then again, I’ve used some stuff cheaper than this that actually worked in a little than the time surpassed with this.

As usual, thanks for stopping by and more posts are to come!