Kawasaki Ninja Plastics Graphics Inspired


I’ve posted a pic in my Christmas post of my ninjette. These graphics are more geared towards the special edition 300 since mine is just white lol.

Don’t know what pic I’m talking about? Here you go again!


I can’t wait for riding season!


Kmart Makeup Haul


After the holidays although broke, I’ve been scrounging around for deals. While in Kmart, I noticed more and more yellow stickers as I was breezing through the aisles and made multiple stops. I’ve never noticed before how many markdowns on cosmetics they do!
Care to take a gander?


Elf Eyelid Primer in “Pearl” – $0.75

I’m not going to lie, I don’t use expensive primer at all. I actually use elf’s eyelid primer but the nude colored one which is the only kind I’ve seen until now. Maybe I’m blind? I’ve never seen it in pearl before.

Here you see the difference between the two. All in all, the original is my favorite due to the fact that it’s matte. The problem with the pearl is that it’s shiny and glittery like an eyeshadow and it took me a twice build up to cover it. It works though, you just have to work with it.

Rimmel Liquid Cheek Tint in “Pop of Pink” – $1.64

I’ve never used a liquid tint or blush before and the price took me in.

Above you can see it blended and unblended on my forearm. It took a twice build up to get it to really show much color  but it doesn’t take much. It goes on smoothly and blends on the skin perfectly and looks very natural.

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in “Stargazer”  and “Solstice”-$1.49 each

Generally, I’m not much of a shimmery lip product person but the price for me was worth a shot to see if I could actually find something gleaming I’d like.
I had to post this so ya’ll could see my natural no flash skin tone and lip color.For some reason with flash, I end up multiple shades darker.

The” Stargazer” added a champagne/taupe tint and “Solstice”  pulled my undertones for a deeper red. The shimmer surprisingly is pretty muted and the application was pretty smooth. One thing I absolutely hate about certain products is when they do that weird, cake like rolling and this doesn’t thankfully!

Sinful Colors in”Galax-sea”. Sinful Shine in “Prosecco” and “Wisp” – $1.49 each

Everyone and their momma’s know that I absolutely adore sinful colors no matter what collection. I was happy to find some of the “Sinful Shine” because it holds true to the collection even before a topcoat! I know they retail at $1.99 but cheaper is still better ^^


Fergie Nail Polish in “Hollywood Walk of Fame” – $1.74

Out of the Fergie collection, I’ve only used the gel liner (which ended up replacing my Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner at like half the price with same lasting power). This is just a clear base with a shit ton of colored stars. It’ll definitely be an overlay on a solid.

I hope you guys check out your local areas too and end up with dope finds!

Soon I should be posting up a NYX haul and maybe a few others. I’ve gotten things recently and just haven’t gotten around it em.

Thanks for stopping by!

SHOT Show 2015


Today is the first day of SHOT. No, I am not in Vegas for it but my other half is. I figured, why not do these?
Yes, I am aware of my poorly painted target lol. It’s the cheapest target you can usually get at the range and it’ll get shot up anyway so f it!

Pictured :9mm

Dear Mr. The one who I gave everything to


Whether I’m thick or thin, my bones protrude.

My heart spills out whether you’re nice or rude.

Do I need to hide it all away?

What’s the point if you made the decision to stay?

Stuck in a daze, I don’t know if I’m coming or going,

The broken pieces stay shredded, even if I decide to keep sewing.

Am I just that naive to keep going?

A bolt lock safe is no better than a mere chain locket.

Maybe I’ll forget today and stuff who I am into my pocket.

I know I’ll just vomit out the wrong words again tomorrow.

Then again, who really cares if what you call foolishness is really just sorrow?

I’m stuck inside of this jagged, protruding silhouette.

I can’t fly away. I’m just going to get tangled again inside of your net.

We’ve always known love wasn’t easy.

It doesn’t matter if all of your light hearted jokes stay cheesy.

Sorry is just a mass produced notion of regret.

Sometimes I don’t know if you mean it. Sometimes I just hope to forget.

I need to learn that not everyone can love the way you want.
I know that each time I fall deeper, I know I have mistaken your taunt.

Do you want me the way that I want you?

Am I just the dumb one between us, no matter how hard I cry, no matter what I do?

Each day I attempt to push myself to not frown.

Each memory, each thought, it just always pushes me down.

How do I forget the past?

Will I ever know if we’ll ever truly last?

I’ve loved you since before I was able to legally drink.

Now that I’m older, I’m intoxicated on something you can’t physically pour out into the kitchen sink.

I don’t know what I’m saying anymore.

I know each time I cry, you find the situation an absolute, repetitive bore.

My dear Mr… Did you know when we’re not sleeping next to each other, I push a pillow to my back to feel you there?

Did you know that when you’re gone, I count the time till the next text you’ll send to show me that you care?

Is it sad that I’m still hopeful about us?

Is it bad that I want you even when we fight and fuss?

Sometimes I hate feeling like I need you.

Sometimes I hate knowing you may never ask me to say “I do”.

I need to know now…

Who I am and who you want me to be, is it the same girl?

Do you find it okay to watch my insides hurt and twirl?

I love you, I really do. One day, maybe you’ll finally see.

I’ve loved you even the first time you broke me.

I still loved you, even the last time you made me cry for hours steadily.

I want us to be okay.

I’m not just saying that to get you to stay.

I know you’re tired, so am I.

My heart couldn’t take it though, if I found out any of this was just a lie.

You’ve made me feel euphoric radiance.

I’ve always regret the times I had to test your patience.

No matter how we push each other down, I can’t let this go.

I don’t know if I’m stupid. I really don’t know.

I want to hold it together, but I know that I’m falling apart.

I know that you see it and want to walk away. It’s okay, it’s hard to believe love is just a dying art.

I want to know if I’m really just mean and hateful.

I acknowledge my wrong doings, all the things that make me feel regretful.

You might not believe that I know when I mess things up. I know I’m not a perfect mate.

I admit, I fuck up a lot. I might have led you to see someone else on our first date.

You should know me by now and how I feel about you.

When you decide to say fuck it, I’m always panicked, not knowing what I’m going to do.

So tell me, what should I do? Should I change who I am, stay the same? Should I just wait for your cue?

All of the late nights we bruised and cried, I’m sorry for all that I am and all that I can be.

I’m sorry for all of the silent car rides, and all of your angry facial expressions on the phone that you wish I could see.

In all of the years, we’ve gone through happiness and beyond, even the times when we thought we belonged together, we really thought we knew. We’ve even gone through hell and even said a handful of times “fuck this, I’m through!”

I just want to let you know that no matter what’s happened between us, I appreciate it all. I really don’t want to see what a broken heart can really do.

Awesome Mason Jar gift idea


At work, we’re all pretty close so a lot of us gave each other presents for Christmas. My awesome coworker had an awesome idea to decorate a Mason Jar and put things that pertained to my personality in it… Tadaaaa! Nail stuff! Who wouldn’t be excited about this? The cotton balls at the bottom was an awesome addition and made it look like snow as well. Thanks Jen!
-cotton balls
-nail polish
-buffing block
-adhesive strips
-nail polish remover
-press ons with adhesive tube

What’s funny was, we had the same thing in mind. This is what I gave out:


I gave all the girls the same thing, colors were just assigned by personality. I tend to give the same things so people don’t fight over who got what and if they want a different color, they can always swap out. My gifts were just in a bag instead of a Mason Jar but Jen has more patience than I do so it worked out lol.

-buffing block
-nail polish
-makeup remover/cleaner wipes
-pumice block
-nail file
-bobby pins
-lip gloss

Super Old, Super Gross- Getting rid of OLD cosmetics


Good morning blogosphere! This morning I’ve decided it’s finally time to free up some space in my room. After so many posts throughout the years of how makeup expires and how things harbor bacteria, I’ve decided to fully dig deep and let go. Above pictured are the things I’m actually getting rid of…. Well, should have thrown out years and years ago. No, majority of this I haven’t even touched so don’t think I still used all of this lol

Let’s see what were my main concerns shall we?


The amount of lip stuff I have is twice of this. It’s sad half of it is going in the trash. Why do I care anyway when I’ve had most of this forever? It’s because of that “quantity over quality” mindset  no one should have!


When I was younger, I was in search of lip color that enhanced me and didn’t make me look like a clown… It took forever to realize I should just stick with ones that resemble the inside of my bottom lip. What I did back in the day was buy a shit ton of cheap lippies so I can use my mouth as a pallete dressing room and see what looked good. I then realized I hate lip stuff with even the tiniest glitter or shine and I was more of a matte person with SOME over gloss. The result? These.


I haven’t used this in forever, aka maybe almost a decade.


When the Mac Hello Kitty collection  came out, I flipped out and had everything. This is the first thing I ever got in that collection. It’s a gloss in “Mimmy”. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world with perfect color payout and didn’t make my lips feel like double sided tape with molasses drizzled over. What happened? I lost it… And just now found it…..and…. GROSS


This is the oldest thing I’m throwing away. The story behind this was in 2007 (I was 16), my mom and I traveled to the Philippines for a funeral. Before this, the last time I was on a plane was the first time I went there when I was like 2 or something. I’ve never been to a duty free before as our local airport did not have one, usually just point of entry locations. We went in and to me it was like a mini Macy’s formed into the size of a bathroom. In the makeup section, this caught my eye at $16. I have never owned anything Urban Decay before this eyeshadow. Aqua is one of most favorite colors and I didn’t give a shit if it was $16 for ONE color at the time so I got it. I honestly don’t remember when was the last time I even wore blue eye shadow that wasn’t a Navy shade. Geeze, this is now like 8 years old. Yes, it’s time to go my old, old, hella old friend.

I’m sure I’ll be finding more things to get rid of, for now this is it in that department. Take some time and go through your stuff and you’ll be surprised of the grossness your vanity harbors like mine… Then again, I’m sure I’ll be doing this more often than years in between lol.
Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Jdm



Aside from regular reviews and postings, I’m going to start posting random phone pics to keep things interesting.


See the container on top of the trash can? We have to put that in order to prevent dumpster diving from that thing I caught in the fridge when I turned around -. –

Post Christmas Thrift

Happy New Year everyone! Well… 2nd day of the new year! I hope everyone’s was safe and fun (:
In my previous post, I said I’d post on my most recent thrift so here it goes….

Family Thrift Center, Virginia Beach, Va
I thrift a lot with my mom so December 26th she said let’s go so she took me to this place. I didn’t take much pics inside as it was crowded as Hell. Here’s what I got:


Upon my arrival, I noticed no signs anywhere indicating there were any sales going on like how Goodwill and Salvation army have tag color sales. It was over stuffed and the aisles made me feel like I was going to have a nose bleed. Mom said “give it a chance and check around”… Well ma it’s kinda hard when you’re getting hit by other people pushing carts -. –


I did notice they had “categories “such as this one as well as a “skate &  surf” rack containing brands like Volcom and Hurley. This rack in particular had like 4 items and we’re definitely dated and you could tell why they were there. The skate and surf racks were super stuffed, it was so hard to go through.

Let’s talk pricing…
At Pacsun you’d be able to find a brand new tee on sale for $15. Why the hell would I get a used one for $10 here??  The “boutique”  clothing seriously ranged from $15-$60 and 85% didn’t even have tags. Yeah the pricing in general made me ask myself who the hell would spend that much at a thrift store for items you’d be able to get cheaper at somewhere like Plato’s Closet even especially because they pre-sort the shitty out of the group for you. The racks have separate pricing ranging from normal and dropping down to 99 ¢ and trust me, I checked those first and could see why they were on that rack as well.
Housewares was a mess and had half melted  candles  missing wicks for $7… I’ve found 50¢ full candles at Habitat thrift so hell no.

On a random note, this is one thing I found and literally lol’d at


Destiny's child camera case

                            Damn I shoulda bought it!

Now, let’s skip all of the bs I went through and get to the stuff that I thought was actually worth buying!



I have no idea what drew me to this Hound’s tooth blazer. It’s reversible with red inside (which there’s no way In hell I’d wear it that way).

BRAND: unknown


Merrell Wynne dress

This to me was my best find of that night! After some research, I found out it’s a Merrell Wynne Dress. I’ve always known Merrell was known for “adventure” shoes for hiking and stuff but never knew they made dresses. To my surprise, it was priced at $75 retail not on sale and I got it for $10 with tags. I’ve never had a dress with moisture wicking inner slip and kimono sleeves o_o Yeah , I had to have it for summer or warmer spring days!

BRAND: Merrell
PRICE: $10



My mom originally told me not to get this because it’s make me look old buuuuut Idk what drew me to this dress either. Most possibly it was the detail of the upper portion.



This is more of a summer dress if you had to put it into a category other than underwear which it isn’t. Yeah yeah, it looks it but it ain’t. I’ve never heard of the brand Lucy Love though but that’s the wonderful part of thrifting.

BRAND:Lucy Love


2 inches short of being a dress so this will be paired with leggings since it covers my butt

BRAND: Julie’s Closet


The top and bottoms were thrifted that day. The top is a no sleeve. I’m generally not a polka dot, ruffle type of person but the tie up top is what sold me! I was searching for spring and summer bottoms and I couldn’t understand why shorts were priced around $7 and up. However, the capris I found were shoved between a different rack and I’m pretty happy I found them. I’m not much of a Capri person either but I figured it’d go well with a few things I own so I paired it with that top.  Those wedges were not thrifted as they were in clearance from Wet Seal.




Black wrap watch

Everytime I’m in the jewelry area, it’s intoxicated with dead battery items and  crappy costume jewelry. On my way out, I saw this and was surprised as Hell for it to still be ticking and even have the correct time! It’s real leather however, I have no idea about the rest of it. It’s a Japanese  quartz though (as my boyfriend who has an extensive and expensive watch collection featuring citizens and his newest Motorola smart watch told me).  The back says it’s stainless steel and the brand on the front is so tiny, I can’t make it out.

BRAND: unknown


The boyfriend and I’s new year collage ; I wore that top for eve due to the fact that us Asians like to think stripes rep dollars and polka dots rep coins soo there ya go!

I apologize for the scanty post but I know I keep saying I’ll post more and I will!
Thanks for stopping by!

I know I said I’d fully fill y’all in but…


… I lied. There is so much stuff that’s happened since the summer until now so for this post, it’ll be the tidbits leading to Christmas and beyond. Whatever had happened previously, I’ll have separate posts for each “event” which will most likely be mentioned with “(separate future post)” to the side.

For now, here are a few things from the past few weeks including my Christmas:

There was this old, old, weird wreath we had that had cat cutouts and broken Christmas bulbs so I took all the shrubbery off and yes, I ripped the poorly glued cats off and recycled it into this using a few things!


Christmas eve/Christmas Day

My family tradition is to go to church Christmas eve and then open presents midnight. Our Christmas day is either for parties or gaining 80+ lbs watching reruns of The Christmas Story. Here are a few highlights:

The above collage sums up some of our presents from fam and from my boyfriend and I to each other.
I freaked when I opened my mom’s gift for me which is that beautiful Michael Kors bag (future separate post). Thank you ma!
Jammer pants
My 2nd oldest brother always gives me funny gifts so he gave me pajamas with sushi and miso soup bowls and it says “MISO CRAZY” all over it haha.
YES! I actually got a 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 the first week of October (separate future post) and this is the helmet I’ve been wanting since I got the bike. Thanks babe! He always gives me the coolest stuff ^^
Patrick’s presents
-Triumph flag: Patrick recently got a Triumph Daytona 675 after his Yamaha r6 got ran over (separate future post)… Yes I’m serious when I say got ran over. He has a yamaha flag up in his garage and since he got the new Triumph, I got him a flag for the garage.
-Ar15 tee: if you’ve followed my posts over the past few years, yes, we’re pro gun people. I thought it’d be nice for him to have an industry related tee to wear to work.
-Beer thangs: I made him a basket with a growler that says “hopped up like a kid on candy” and 6 different types of beer. He loves IPAs so I scrounged for some at World Market.



My 2nd oldest bro got me this as an “early open” present aaaand it’s definitely going on my desk at work.
That box contains 75 little baglets of Jelly Belly. Who doesn’t love Jelly Belly?! If you don’t, you suck -. –


Christmas day

It was my nephew’s first Christmas so he couldn’t come over to open presents at midnight. They came around noon and we opened our presents then.
Motorcycle angel bells
My brother and his wife gifted my boyfriend and I with angel bells for our motorcycles. For those of you who don’t know about them, look it up and you’ll see why it was one of the best Christmas presents for us riders especially coming from another rider aka my oldest brother.


… Us being weird after present opening



Our Christmas was SUPER awkward….
I say that because I live in the 757 of Virginia. As we all know, Hampton Roads is known for bi-polar weather. It was 70 degrees on Christmas day. Who knew it would be moto weather? Above is my ninjette upfront and my boyfriend’s 675 behind. We rode around the neighborhood for an hour and I didn’t drop woohooooo! I’m fairly new to riding although almost everyone in my fam including cousins ride. Since I got my bike in October, I haven’t gotten to practice much due to weather and being busy. I mean weather because October and November here was pretty frigid (so damn backwards for Christmas -. -) and my riding gear is pretty much a spring and summer set up.

… I didn’t mention I dropped a bike the first time I went riding did I? Nope! Future post! Lmao


After Christmas

As the world knows, the boyfriend and I are gamers. We started playing Project Zomboid which is super 90’s graphics but super realistic survival wise. Pictured above was Saturday the 27th. I had a bad dream so he made me feel better with Old Bay fries and tenders. What boyfriend cooks you gaming food?! My awesome boyfriend does!


Dead Rising 3 was a Steam sale the other day so we got that and have been playing. Almost all reviews mention the bugginess and pictured above is one of them on his computer.

I’ll be reviewing a few games (fps/mmo) in the near future as well.

Welp, that sums it up some. I apologize for this mess but I had to! I hope everyone’s holidays have been filled with being around loved ones and fun! Thanks for reading!

… Psst next post: thrifting after Christmas. I wanted to keep my fashion stuff separate!

Sinful Colors: Love Sprinkles


I know, I know… I’ve slacked for months and months and Christmas has finally passed! Before I fill you guys in on what’s been going on (including my Christmas), I wanted to post on this.


During my last minute Christmas shopping attempt, I spotted the new 2015 line from Sinful Colors. I’d figured I’d post on it since it seems like around the Web, it’s been spotted but not tried and tested so here it is!

Base: Clear
Speckles: Baby pink
Hearts: White


This is the base and top coat I used. Pretty Damn good find at TJ Maxx for 3 bucks! It goes on smoothly and dries quick!



As you can see, I used a yellow for my “accent nail”  to see what it looks like with and without a color base. Yes, I know I could have chosen darker but I was in a “yellow”  mood so that’s what ya’ll get!

I know I’ve been blogging for a while on here now and yes, I know my cuticles still look like shit but you’ll live lol.
I SHOULD be making more thrifting posts in the near future and everything else. If any of my followers are still out there looking at this, bless you for forgiving my failing as a blogger<3 I hope all of your holidays have and will be great! Thanks for reading!