Extremely Mini Dollar Tree Haul (o_-)

ImageThe pic above was from the last time I browsed through DT’s makeup section. This time there was more! Originally I bought that Physician’s Formula Eye Definer Felt Tip in  Cool black. I meant to make a post about Physician’s Formula but I lost track of time. The cool black looks black but wipes off blue but still works as well as my NYX felt tips!

Here’s what I found today :


Physician’s Formula Brow Tweez in Light Brown

From reviews, “Dark brown” was more black so I got this. My hair at the moment is a mocha color so black wouldn’t suit me.

This is on Amazon for $5-$7


Physician’s Formula Baked Collection Wet/Dry matte eyeshadow in Baked Butter

If time allows it, I’ll test this wet and dry and post up.

Originally, I always thought Physician’s Formula was drugstore pricey so I never budged with it.

Finding it at Dollar Tree, wtf is there to lose?


Lastly, Milani 3D Holographic Nail Lacquer in HI Tech & CyberSpace

The specific store that I went to used to have lots of Sinful Colors (which everyone knows is my cheapie favorite)…Sadly couldn’t find any.

These are supposed to be the part of the collection that beats out other holographics >.>

I’ve never used Milani polish before so we’ll see how this goes 🙂

Yeah, yeah shitty post I know. Just figured ya’ll might want to check out your own Dollar Trees and see what ya’ll find too!


Dollar Tree Nail Polish Haul: Moar Awesomeness


Ever since I’ve been on the lookout for cheap, worthy polishes, I’ve been coming across more and more.

Specifically these again, were found at Dollar Tree<3

L.A. Colors

2013-07-25_22-00-26_421 L.A


  • Bliss’ tone wasn’t captured right in the pic. It’s more of a lilac in person
  • Whipped is more of a beige cement


  • Super surprised that Tinsel, Flurry and Dizzy came out with more color than I thought! I know you’ve guys have boughten jelly like glitters and it was all glitter and no color lol

Sinful Colors

2013-07-25_22-02-53_426 2013-07-25_22-02-40_301


  • Sadly, Easy going in the bottle had a tinge of pink…yeahhh no =/ it came out more of a white
    2013-07-25_22-28-42_661My cheap ass polish journey is NOT over!

Nail Polish Haul: Dollar Tree.Fuck.Yeah.

2013-07-09_22-41-49_709 2013-07-09_22-41-37_485

Let’s Talk Sinfully

As I’ve mentioned before, a bottle of Sinful Colors nail polish retails at about $1.99 a bottle.

As tagged in my previous nail designs, I use these lines a whole damn lot.

Cheap? Good. Quality? Good.

Even cheaper? Friggin’ fantabulous.

I’ve been collecting bottles from Dollar Tree lately.

Some of you may think “Oh it’s old as shit.” “It’s discontinued.” Blahzeh blah.

Fuck that noise. I’ve purchased 2 bottles previously and have found them at Walmart & Walgreens same exact name and everything. It’s fine. I’ll live with spending $8 on all of these instead of $16 which could go in my 4×4.

2013-07-09_23-24-49_849 2013-07-09_23-22-19_942 2013-07-09_23-29-48_840

Keep in mind: I only had time for 1 coat per nail. I’m sure you’ll see it in the future with 2 coats. For now, life is happening.