So uh..Spam Musubi anyone?


Yeah..uh yeahhhhh I definitely went MIA after saying “awww sheeet I’m back and I’m not whack and I will make heRRa posts!”…yeah guys I’m uh..I’m sorry -_- A lot as usual has happened between then. Well since I haven’t organized any pics or transferred them to the comp, you get this for now!



For some of you that have no idea why I’m frantic about what’s up above, Spam Musubi is technically Nori seaweed, rice, and Spam marinated in teriyaki (a soy sauce and sugar sauce/marinade).

You can either just marinade the Spam and fry it, or you can also drizzle it over after cooking as well.

I was ecstatic as hell the night I stumbled upon this glorious glory.

The boyfriend and I went to Food Lion to pick up some ingredients for dinner and tada!!! Found this loveliness waiting on a shelf for me! I love, I mean fucking love Spam. I’m filipino so it works out. The moment I found this, I seriously squealed. I’m not sure if this is “new” or not, but it was sure as hell new to me since I haven’t seen it before.

I’ve made spam musubi in the past (whiiich I’ve lost my musubi mold so yeah guys, you CAN use the CAN if you CAREFULLY get rid of the bottom of it without fucking your fingers up)  and seeing this just made my night knowing I wouldn’t have to make teriyaki and just…do it. I forgot about the pricing…I think at the moment it was an MVP sale for 2/$5 which to me was worth it.

Sooo just letting you guys know, this shit DOES exist 🙂


Yeah yeah yeah, hella grease, I know. I tried my best but the paper towels were running out lol.

I ended up cooking it up for breakfast instead of musubi style for 2 reasons:

1:I didn’t have nori
2:it’s seriously part of a Filipino breakfast if ya’ll didn’t know that

(On the left is the teriyaki spam, on the right is just regular luncheon meat)


and our breakfast was awesome. Nuff said.

Yup, can’t do without the rice. Sorry carb hating “I’ll have air for breakfast” haters.

See that sauce up there? That’s Pappy’s Not Made In China bbq sauce. That shit is AMAZING with perfect zing. We got it from a place over here in Virginia Beach, Va called “The Sauce Shoppe”. They have like an infinite amount of every sauce possible, however mainly hot sauces (including ones you must be of age to purchase) and barbecue sauces. We haven’t ran out of it yet due to the fact that when we came back to get more, they told us they weren’t carrying it and to talk to the shop owner =/

Anyway, sorry for all the chit chat! Just thought some foodies might want some incite 🙂

Foreal, I will be posting more shit. Tonight just happened to be the night I was free lol

Remember, my postings most likely won’t be on a correct timeline so whatever pops up will happen!

Thanks for reading as usual my loves! ❤

Wooahhhh 2014!

Yup, that’s Balut. That’s what I ate on New Years and yes I sobered up before eating it. For those against it, keep it to yourself kthx 🙂

Hello fellow bloggers! Yes, I haven’t been on WP since July 2013. Geebuz, it’s been that long? I’m surprised to still be getting notifications! I want to thank all of the readers that has scanned my posts over the time I’ve been away! A lot has gone on in the past few months…aka life lol. You all know how that goes, right? Right.

I haven’t even been thrifting lately or doing my nails =/ I don’t know what’s happened! However, I know I’m going to kick it in high gear soon and get back to “me”. It’s always good when you get back to “you”. Don’t lose yourself like I have!

I do however have certain pics and what not from my previous adventures and will be posting em’ when I get the chance. I’m pretty sure they may not be in any specific order, so hope ya’ll don’t mind =/

I’m looking forward for more hauls, more posts, and maybe a few new other things along the way. Are ya’ll ready for this year? I am!!

Bags are Bitches’ Best Friends

2013-04-10_13-14-06_706I’ve been rocking an MK bag on and off as of November. I primarily swap purses every week/every other week. I was at work one day this week looking for my knife to cut something and as you can see, all of that shit came out of this

2013-04-10_22-14-18_339It took me over 10 minutes to find that knife…I went home and figured to switch to a white Chanel bag that I own just for the fact that it’s less “roomy” so I wouldn’t be able to fit more shit into it but I LOVE huge bags just for that sake. Yeah well, my thoughts aren’t always the best because everyone that knows me knows…no matter how “small” a container is, I WILL stuff the hell out of it. To my surprise, mama-san called me and said “I’m at the Coach Factory Outlet(Williamsburg, VA), I’m about to get something for you anak(my child in Tagalog)!”

So she got “help” from a lady at Coach to send me pics of what she was thinking of buying (…2 hours later) and sent me a couple of Whore-iffic purses from the newer Coach line. I said NONONONO DO NOT WANT! 2 hours later(Williamsburg is an hour away from Virginia Beach), she came home with this:

2013-04-10_21-49-11_321TADA! A new purse that will allow me to overstuff!!! My mom knows my taste. I don’t like overly “busy” things when it comes to clothes and accessories and neither does she. As grey is a neutral shade, I can match it with just about anything as if it were black (aww shit I love black bags too). My mom said there was a huge sale going on and that’s how she ended up getting this. Let’s take a looksy shall we?

2013-04-10_21-49-30_447 2013-04-10_21-49-40_527 2013-04-10_21-50-25_420 2013-04-10_21-50-39_876Out of all of my purses, this has got to be one of the most gorgeous ones I had ever owned. I have no idea why i’m SUPER drawn into it but a portion is the fact that it has an outside pocket for easy access of more of my bullshit.

2013-04-10_21-51-02_529You see that big ass number of savings?! Huge chunk taken out of that price! To my surprise, it was in perfect condition. Usually they will mark down things that won’t snap or around that instance but this was just..AH. I think I’m in love again :3


2013-04-10_22-37-34_526And this is it closed up. Yup, all of my shit fit in there which made my night even better. AHA, THAT ZIPPER RIGHT THERE…is another reason why I love this bag. I got to zip it up without busting anything 🙂 I had to swap my bag accessories from purse to purse and as you can see, my paracord bracelet had to be swapped over as well as my handy dandy hanitizer. Wanna see le piggy?

2013-04-10_22-38-19_927 2013-04-10_22-38-29_324Ahh just gotta love the Bath & Body Works 5 for 5 antibac sales!  Island Nectar smells awesome and clean. Not super sweet to where I feel & smell like I ran up to Willy Wonka and slapped him.

Along other things, my mom stopped by the Papaya Clothing outlet at the Williamsburg Prime Outlets and picked up these on sale for me:

2013-04-10_22-12-56_568 2013-04-10_22-12-17_861She also got me a white lace halter styled top that isn’t pictured just because I forgot to take a pic -_- But that too is gorgeous. It isn’t the itchy type of lace which is nice lol.

So for now on, I’ll be using that lovely featured bag (until I swap again as usual lol). For those in the Hampton Roads area or those stopping near us, STOP BY THE OUTLETS AT WILLIAMSBURG! It may not be thrifting prices but it’s a helluva lot cheaper than regular retail! 

Versatile Blogger Award *Squeals* (obviously lengthy as hell)


I’ve been nominated by Galaxy Star 7 for “The Versatile Blogger award”. I woke up to an email with her telling me I was at like 2am and I practically squealed and almost knocked my bf unconscious in excitement (no domestic violence here! haha). I’d like to personally thank you Galaxy Star 7 for all of the wonderful ideas you’ve given me for my nails as we share the same interest and styles<3

The official rules for TVBA is as follows:

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

I’ve copied and pasted this from the actual Versatile Blogger blog so if you’d like to check that out, go ahead!

As it states, choose 15 that I’ve recently discovered. As others may choose people that are relatively blog noobs like myself, I haven’t discovered newer noobs yet but will be on a mission to do so. However, the bloggers that I have chosen are people that I read on every day and have filled my hunger for daily reading. From poetry to fashion, they are my glass of southern sweet too (and don’t I love my sweet tea!).

My nominees are as follows:

  1. Fairy Tale Epidemic 
  2. Sand paper kisses
  3. Polish Fox 
  4. KirstyWirsty
  5. Words4jp
  6. Clouds N Cups
  7. Thrift Your Heart Out
  8. Harsh Reality
  9. Bunny and Pork Belly
  10. Rejoice For the Day
  11. Too Thrifty Chicks
  12. For the Love of Nike
  13. Retcon Poet
  14. Fashion for Lunch
  15. Andrew Duckworth

Ya’ll are awesome bloggers!<3 Everyone I’m following and everyone that’s been reading along my posts, ya’ll are the save button to my document :]

Now, it says to state 7 things about me… hmmm…Image

  1. I have a very fat dog that I love ever so dearly. Her name is Hershey like the choco company. She’s a tricolored bagel (basset beagle mix). Black-Dark chocolate, Brown-Milk chocolate & White-White chocolate. She’s one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever seen IRL lol. She’s a good guard dog, however I’m pretty sure if a robber had bacon in their pocket she’ll love them forever. This sounds weird but…I met Hershey online…I was younger and looking for a pet and saw her with a different name and everything. My local SPCA told us that another family wanted her. We kept checking up and the day the fam was supposed to take her, they never showed up and lo and behold it was meant to be<3 A lot of people call her Splinter San from TMNT because, well, aside from Snoopy, a mini calf, and pony, she sure as hell looks like Master Splinter haha. Anytime she hears loud noises and hears anyone yelling/fighting, she runs into an empty room until it’s quiet again. Yes, she HATES fighting! She also understands Tagalog alongside of English lol. She’s my PIC all of the time!

316080_2313071266992_385850_n She’s always part of my survival kit during our Virginia hurricanes lol

2. I’m Filipino mixed with JDM blood. A lot of people usually can’t tell what I am but then again I don’t generally look the same everyday depending on how I do up myself lol. People usually name every other asian when looking at me. I’ve even gotten a couple of discounts at other local asian stores for the simple fact that they thought I was one of them (shiiiiiiiit I ain’t complainin’!) I used to speak japanese when I was a kid because my mom’s mom was a japanese teacher back in the day however my japanese blood comes from my mom’s dad’s side. Tagalog was generally my first language and then english. I do not have a filipino accent however when I speak english.

3. I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina but about 3 days after I popped out we moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’ve been here ever since and ain’t never moved anywhere else. As VA is still considered the south (and where murrica started), I randomly have a country accent that pops out when it likes to. A lot of people that talk to me on the phone and then see me in person always gives me funny looks when they realize I’m an asian girl with a southern twain haha.

4. When I have to call places to check hours and prices, I generally use a different voice when I speak JUST FOR THE FACT THAT I do NOT like it when people hear my actual voice in a store and realize that I’m the dumbass who called and depending on their moods that day, are shitty to me. Yes, I can do different voices lol. Call me weird but oh well.

5. 486637_4051617249555_685198460_nI grew up being surrounded by male friends and 2 brosephs. My oldest brother used to pay me in slurpees to help him fix his cars back in the day. He used to own a hatchi roku trueno (aka 1986 corolla) and an AE92 and he used to drift. Since I was around him so much, for my 15th birthday (you know a little later eligible for a permit) I got a Nissan 240sx s13 chuki hatchback. I then learned how to slide later on and even ended up with yet ANOTHER s13 zenki hatchback. Notice my Hello Kitty JDM driver’s badge decal and my Chanel purse, yes those were mine before I sold them for my Pathfinder haha. Although I miss my “car life”, I happen to enjoy my 4×4 when it’s shitty weather time. I also am a gamer. I love MMOs and FPSs. If I’m not out and about, I’m stuck on the computer grinding/farming. At the moment I’m playing an MMO called Tera Online.

33695_1637813785977_7294704_n yulul

I’m glad that I’ve acquired these guy likings. I have a wonderful boyfriend for years now that I have a lot in common with. We ended up talking to each other initially about cars and gaming and look, we went from friends to best friends and lovers. Although no relationship is perfect, we work pretty hard together. If you want something, you MUST work for it. We’re not perfect and no one else is either. .From today on, we’ll be discovering even more things together 🙂  It’s nice to share favorites and hobbies with people you love. I’ll save you in game and in real life anyday! ❤ you!

6. I FUCKING LOVE FOOD. I eat and cook ALL THE TIME. I honestly don’t give much of a damn if I look perfect in a bikini when I die. I seriously don’t. I’m healthy enough to be alive atm just the way I am and look fabulous in my outfits JUST THE WAY I AM. I mean, everyone wants to “tone up” sometimes but at this point, I think I’m alright. There are other people who are way skinner than me but couldn’t pull off looks that I can so HA. I started cooking by learning to make rice when I was like 5. My dad has been a teppanyaki chef since before I was born and I’ve been using chopsticks without the noob fix at the top with a rubber band for decades. I cook a plethora of food. American, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian and the list goes on. I’m not really one to measure when I’m cooking either. I just go by flaaaavaaa and BAM I cook awesome shit. Btw, them cheeks you see in my pics? Yeah, even if I became anorexic, they will never go away.

7.482967_4071501026637_640659679_n  A lot of people wonder about that double outline star tattoo that I have on the left side of my chest. A lot of people also don’t know the story behind it. The 5 points of the star represent both of my parents ,my 2 siblings and I. The star itself represents the north star which “guides you home”. “Home is where the heart is” which is why it’s towards the left.  As inkers/inkees know, black is easiler lasered off. Blue is definitely not. No matter what happens to break us down (black ink), we’re still strong to be together no matter wtf happens (blue ink).I thank God each  and everyday for what I have instead of bitching about the crap I don’t.  So no guys, I did not get that tattoo to be a slut. If anyone wants to think that, let it be.

Well guys that’s all for my lengthy ass post! Thanks again to everyone reading! Now my sons and daughters…GO FORTH.

Carysma Club loafers


As most of you thrifters know, Wednesday is “family day” at Salvation Army which means 50% off all clothes, shoes (not boots), bags, ties and most bric-brac. Yesterday I was steering through the aisles and decided to stop by the shoe department. Although the particular Salvos I went to usually had a scanty shoe collection, I looked up and down and found these genuine leather flats/loafers. At first glance, I thought they were ugly as hell… Then I just randomly put them in my cart just to “see” how ugly they really are later (I was wearing boots at the time and was too lazy at that moment to take em off.. Yeah thrifting outfits shouldn’t contain complicated footwear). Da da da… I finally decided to try them on. Low and behold some type of strange feeling came over me… Hmm I think I like these. I got them for $2.50 so I was preeetty excited about that. My mom took one look at them and in her thickest filipino accent she goes “… Anak… What ease daht? Ha? Ano ba yan? Daht ease kind obe ah… Ugleeee” lol today while taking pics of these for posting my mom tells me they’re actually decent. I think the bead embroidery is what really drew me in.

I’ve attempted to search for this brand up and down left and right on Google and I’ve yet to learn what brand they are. All I’ve seen so far is people have been posting that brand off for trade and some are even selling this exact style on craigslist. And still… These leather loafers are a wonder to me… So does anyone know anything about this brand? If so let me know please!

As always, thanks for reading!

Natural Nails with freehand designs-JDM nails, pacman, HK etc


Hello again! I figured I’d post up a mini about one of the hobbies I have which is freehand nail design. I’ve never thought of it as a business venture or anything, just me inside of my house always changing up my nails and spending $xx on nail polish remover due to the fact that I have a tendency to redo and redo if I mess up once so most of my nail designs are pretttty much a unique, one time only thing. I may post DIYs later on in the future though:)

Pssst…Don’t mind my ugly cuticles lol

Image ImageImage

It all begins here.

530433_4838184073234_1367607028_nWelcome to my page, your blogginess. You’ll get to see my every day journeys and adventures.

-I have a thing for taking pics of random things that amuse me (oooh shiny objects maybe)

-Outfits of the day may not be a daily

-I love food, and idgaf so I shall be posting what I’ve been eating/cooking up!

-I write so you’ll find very late night postings of what’s going through my mind

-However, to be more specific, thrifting will be one of my main topics of my posts since in our day in time the economy is…shall I say..shietay..

Stay awhile and enjoy yourself!

Miss Cheeks