Not so pretty Lollipop Chainsaw Nails


Not so pretty Lollipop Chainsaw Nails

As ya’ll know, i’m a shitty perfectionist. I figured I’d snap a shot of this before I completely clean em’ off and redo a completely different theme haha. So let’s call this…Nail Of The Minute.

Natural Nails with freehand designs-JDM nails, pacman, HK etc


Hello again! I figured I’d post up a mini about one of the hobbies I have which is freehand nail design. I’ve never thought of it as a business venture or anything, just me inside of my house always changing up my nails and spending $xx on nail polish remover due to the fact that I have a tendency to redo and redo if I mess up once so most of my nail designs are pretttty much a unique, one time only thing. I may post DIYs later on in the future though:)

Pssst…Don’t mind my ugly cuticles lol

Image ImageImage