SHOT Show 2015


Today is the first day of SHOT. No, I am not in Vegas for it but my other half is. I figured, why not do these?
Yes, I am aware of my poorly painted target lol. It’s the cheapest target you can usually get at the range and it’ll get shot up anyway so f it!

Pictured :9mm

Best Present Ever. My own AR15


My boyfriend custom built this for me and filled it all with my favorite colors for my Valentine’s present<3 (Late posting, I know lol)

For the gun nerds, here’s the specs of the build: It’s Chambered in 5.56x45mm, Aero Precision Special Edition “Pew” Lower, Spikes Tactical Upper Receiver, PSA 1:7 16″ Barrel, Bravo Company BCG, Magpul MOE Handguard and Trigger Guard, Smith & Wesson Carry Handle & FSB, Spikes Tacitcal LPK, Ergo Pistol Grip.


ImageOh yeah…we’re meant to be<3

Japanese Gothic Lolita Doll Cosplay


Well, I did say I was going to be posting out of order since it’s been forever :)I ended up dressing up on Halloween at work.For all of you haters, NOPE none of this cosplay is any of your fancy shmancy lolita wear. I pieced it together myself so…HATE ON ❤

Everything aside from le undies,umbrella, hosiery and top-hat were thrifted.

“Dress”- Pulled up laced skirt with lace long sleeve up top.

Choker-Made at work with grosgrain

DSCN1593 DSCN1589


Had no choice for my holster placement lol
DSCN1597 DSCN1598 DSCN1604 DSCN1614