Random tidbits from Sally’s Beauty Supply

ImageI took a little trip to Sally’s last night and ended up getting these. Note:that’s my first practice finger. As soon as my friend and I saw it fairly quickly while looking around, we automatically  both thought of a deranged sex toy before realizing we do know wth it is haha. Anywhooo, I bought it just for the fact that I usually test my designs on my own nails but yeah that’s a waste of nail polish remover (-__-). As I was asking the girl that worked there about polish thinner, she directed me to 2 kinds;The ORLY brand was $4.99 while the Beauty Secrets brand was $4.29. Of course she’d tell me the 70 cent more one was better but hell it was 70 cents why not get the expensive ass brand.Image

Finally, I’ve never ever been a Beauty Club member until last night. It’s $5 for the entire year. You save on non-sale items on the daily and get certain bonuses. Not to mention, see that? You can use that $5 day after you become a member. You technically get your membership fee back (well…it really goes back to them but ya know what I mean lol).

Maybe I’ll stop in tonight and find something worth using the coupon on 🙂

Sander stick-0.34

Practice finger-1.39

Cuticle stick-0.69

Orly Lacquer thinner-4.99

Antonio Melani pumps


Although I was supposed to go out and about and show my outfit, my night ended in a different way. As I’ve said before, I got my thrifting gene definitely from my mother. She came home shortly after I did and said “pssst look at deeeese anak, ganda no? (look at this my daughter, beautiful huh?)”. I was staring upon a 3.5 inched pair of Antonio Melani heels. I know I’ve seen that brand somewhere before however at that time, I wasn’t certain. Almost everything I get from thrifting, I usually have an urge to Google and see if it’s a super good find. As I was searching these beautiful pumps up, they happened to be selling from Dillard’s. I was surprised to find the exact pair on the first page of the Antonio Melani shoe collection which makes me believe they’re not that old. Nothing surprised me more than the fact that these babies are selling at $89.99. The condition is just as good as new. It seriously looks like these were worn for a cushion floored party because even the bottoms are super intact with no signs of wear.


I quickly called my mom into my room to show her and I had asked her how much she initially spent….dun dun dun DAAAAH 5 fricken’ bucks! WHAAAAATTTT! After this we spent about 5 entire minutes with “NONONONO YOU WEAR THEM” as my mom and I are pretty much the same shoe size and we’re both wide width shoe sizes as well. All in all, I told my mom to keep them because she’s so short lol. I just had to post these beauties up. My mom usually has the best finds and showed it tonight. She then told me her secret as to which place she went to and it happened to be a CHKD (Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters) in my area and she also mentioned that they had Chanel sweaters as well. Goodness, this tiny asian woman is tempting me to spend some money tomorrow lol. We’ll just have to see what goes on this weekend.ImageImage


It’s Friday Ya’ll!( no but srsly)

In the words of Rebecca Black…’IT’S FRIDAY, FRIDAY GOTTA GET DOWN ON FRIDAYYYYY’ oh goodness LOL. Anyway, in my area of the 757, a lot of people have been anticipating the wonderful flutters of snow falling. After 2 months of knowing pretty much it isn’t going to snow, last night around 2am I saw flakes fall on the chairs and the bbq grill (yes, here we q it up no matter what time of the year).


Woke up and BAM the sun laughed and melted it all -__-. However, the temperature definitely stayed. So today I’m going to have to layer and layer and layer it up!  Heading to get my eyebrows done in a few and later tonight I’ll be heading out for a cousin dinner after not seeing them after so long. I’ll be taking pics of my outfit tonight and posting my ordeal late night or tomorrow. Whether it’s snowing or not in your area, stay safe! It always seems as if the dummies come out more so on the weekend lol.