Bags are Bitches’ Best Friends

2013-04-10_13-14-06_706I’ve been rocking an MK bag on and off as of November. I primarily swap purses every week/every other week. I was at work one day this week looking for my knife to cut something and as you can see, all of that shit came out of this

2013-04-10_22-14-18_339It took me over 10 minutes to find that knife…I went home and figured to switch to a white Chanel bag that I own just for the fact that it’s less “roomy” so I wouldn’t be able to fit more shit into it but I LOVE huge bags just for that sake. Yeah well, my thoughts aren’t always the best because everyone that knows me knows…no matter how “small” a container is, I WILL stuff the hell out of it. To my surprise, mama-san called me and said “I’m at the Coach Factory Outlet(Williamsburg, VA), I’m about to get something for you anak(my child in Tagalog)!”

So she got “help” from a lady at Coach to send me pics of what she was thinking of buying (…2 hours later) and sent me a couple of Whore-iffic purses from the newer Coach line. I said NONONONO DO NOT WANT! 2 hours later(Williamsburg is an hour away from Virginia Beach), she came home with this:

2013-04-10_21-49-11_321TADA! A new purse that will allow me to overstuff!!! My mom knows my taste. I don’t like overly “busy” things when it comes to clothes and accessories and neither does she. As grey is a neutral shade, I can match it with just about anything as if it were black (aww shit I love black bags too). My mom said there was a huge sale going on and that’s how she ended up getting this. Let’s take a looksy shall we?

2013-04-10_21-49-30_447 2013-04-10_21-49-40_527 2013-04-10_21-50-25_420 2013-04-10_21-50-39_876Out of all of my purses, this has got to be one of the most gorgeous ones I had ever owned. I have no idea why i’m SUPER drawn into it but a portion is the fact that it has an outside pocket for easy access of more of my bullshit.

2013-04-10_21-51-02_529You see that big ass number of savings?! Huge chunk taken out of that price! To my surprise, it was in perfect condition. Usually they will mark down things that won’t snap or around that instance but this was just..AH. I think I’m in love again :3


2013-04-10_22-37-34_526And this is it closed up. Yup, all of my shit fit in there which made my night even better. AHA, THAT ZIPPER RIGHT THERE…is another reason why I love this bag. I got to zip it up without busting anything 🙂 I had to swap my bag accessories from purse to purse and as you can see, my paracord bracelet had to be swapped over as well as my handy dandy hanitizer. Wanna see le piggy?

2013-04-10_22-38-19_927 2013-04-10_22-38-29_324Ahh just gotta love the Bath & Body Works 5 for 5 antibac sales!  Island Nectar smells awesome and clean. Not super sweet to where I feel & smell like I ran up to Willy Wonka and slapped him.

Along other things, my mom stopped by the Papaya Clothing outlet at the Williamsburg Prime Outlets and picked up these on sale for me:

2013-04-10_22-12-56_568 2013-04-10_22-12-17_861She also got me a white lace halter styled top that isn’t pictured just because I forgot to take a pic -_- But that too is gorgeous. It isn’t the itchy type of lace which is nice lol.

So for now on, I’ll be using that lovely featured bag (until I swap again as usual lol). For those in the Hampton Roads area or those stopping near us, STOP BY THE OUTLETS AT WILLIAMSBURG! It may not be thrifting prices but it’s a helluva lot cheaper than regular retail! 

Where the hell has Confection1nfection been? Part 2

ImageSo the ending of my birthmas fandom, this is just going to be a post related to whatever random things I’ve been up to.

This is a ring holder my sister inlaw got. At their house, they have an elephant next to their sink to put their rings when washing dishes. Each time I came over there I got super excited and even thought about jacking it a couple of times (yeah right from my own bro’s house? that’s just wrong! Well, we’ll say BORROWING lol). My sis inlaw heard me squeal over that shit multiple times and BAM I got one! 

ImageThese cute ass mugs have been in my mom’s Altima’s trunk for about a month or two. I got these for 75cents each while on a Salvo’s Wednesday trip. Shit it’s Wednesday right now and if I wasn’t sick as fuck and looking like I cried for years on end while my muscles were all achy breaky then I’d be thrifting atm -_- I’ve already missed a couple of days at work. I’ve been sleeping all damn week and I woke up earlier choking and now I can’t go back to sleep so hell, why not finish this big ass update on me eh? Anyway, back to these cute ass mugs! So the main reason why I got them is because of the ridged indents on the side for le fingers and of course, the beautiful jade-esque color. A lot of people I know get disgusted by knowing their drinking out of a glass or eating off of a plate that came from someone else’s possession…well shit. Did you sanitize a plate before eating at someone else’s house or go out to eat with your friends while your drunk ass is downing shots of patron that had slut lips nuzzled against the same rim that you’re licking whatever salt left over there is? I think not.  Main rule for thrifting: CLEAN YO SHIT. Image

About a weekish ago, my brother asked me to go apartment hunting with him and of course, I always say yes. Yes, I go for the ride. Who the hell wouldn’t? We ended up in Newport News, Va and came across this gas station/food mart. Again, ya’ll know I LOVE gas station food. The sign made me O_O foreal and I just had to try the gizzards out. ImageSee that crispy, greasy, fatty goodness? $5 for a large drink and those gizzards. Automatically came with Texas Pete (ooohweeee my fav) and yes, the sign told the truth, it is THE SHIT. Gross, gross cuticles…don’t mind them -_- Washing dishes with no gloves will do it.


While in that part of Hampton Roads, near Buckroe Beach there was a “Dollar Bargain” store. As cheap as us siblings can be, we were like HEEYAL YEAH LEZGO! Doodadooo *walking walking* Yeah man, the inside was no normal dollar tree. They had an array of random things and remember, Random=Awesome. Those nail polishes were $1 each. Unlike some people I know IRL and online, I honestly don’t give a fuck if my polish is “upscale” or “high end” or “fancy as shit with long lasting power”. If you truly “LOVE” nail varnishes, you’d know you don’t just stick to ONE EXPENSIVE ASS KIND. Honest truth? I love trying all brands. It doesn’t have to have “long lasting” in the description because I change my nails up more than once a week for the most part.If I do plan on keeping the same stuff on, I’ll just pair it up with a good top coat. It’s common sense really. I ain’t gotta be FANCY all of the time.I mean, of course the way it comes out of the bottle and onto the brush and onto the nails is important but then again, it’s nothing a little bit of thinner can’t cure. I mean shit, it was a dollar, why complain? Most of the time, you seriously get what you pay for. However these “I.C.E” (Not Pure Ice) polishes weren’t half bad for a buck.

These are some things I did to try em out:ImageImage

Don’t mind my ugly ass toes please.


As I’ve stated before, I LOVE alligator clips! This particular one happened to be from that shop from Buckroe and of course, it was a buck. I know it’s going to break in like a month but I’ll love it while it lasts lol.


And just to throw this in, a few hours after I did that pastellish design uptop, I swapped to this messy tentacle design in which the next morning, I swapped colors and design once again lol…don’t judge me!


Sooo apart from all those random things I’ve posted about my time apart from blogging, I’ve also started working at a Tactical Shop. During my lunch, I was eating that lovely portable children’s yogurt and I’m not stating the name for certain purposes buuut uh..yeah….It’s not always the best to give us humans the option to be “creative” because people like me will end up filling in the blanks with shit like that…JUST SAYING. 

Anyway so the ending of this post is, I’ve been sick as fuck for this past week. I had to type this particular post up in parts with hitting the save button multiple times because I kept falling asleep after I said I couldn’t fall back asleep. Well shit, I’m awake once again and can’t breath through mah face so here I am, finishing this up. Hopefully I’ll get time and more topics to dish out onto this but for now, ya’ll are just gonna have to deal with this! 

Thank you guys for your patience and support! ❤ Confection1nfection