Kmart Makeup Haul


After the holidays although broke, I’ve been scrounging around for deals. While in Kmart, I noticed more and more yellow stickers as I was breezing through the aisles and made multiple stops. I’ve never noticed before how many markdowns on cosmetics they do!
Care to take a gander?


Elf Eyelid Primer in “Pearl” – $0.75

I’m not going to lie, I don’t use expensive primer at all. I actually use elf’s eyelid primer but the nude colored one which is the only kind I’ve seen until now. Maybe I’m blind? I’ve never seen it in pearl before.

Here you see the difference between the two. All in all, the original is my favorite due to the fact that it’s matte. The problem with the pearl is that it’s shiny and glittery like an eyeshadow and it took me a twice build up to cover it. It works though, you just have to work with it.

Rimmel Liquid Cheek Tint in “Pop of Pink” – $1.64

I’ve never used a liquid tint or blush before and the price took me in.

Above you can see it blended and unblended on my forearm. It took a twice build up to get it to really show much color  but it doesn’t take much. It goes on smoothly and blends on the skin perfectly and looks very natural.

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in “Stargazer”  and “Solstice”-$1.49 each

Generally, I’m not much of a shimmery lip product person but the price for me was worth a shot to see if I could actually find something gleaming I’d like.
I had to post this so ya’ll could see my natural no flash skin tone and lip color.For some reason with flash, I end up multiple shades darker.

The” Stargazer” added a champagne/taupe tint and “Solstice”  pulled my undertones for a deeper red. The shimmer surprisingly is pretty muted and the application was pretty smooth. One thing I absolutely hate about certain products is when they do that weird, cake like rolling and this doesn’t thankfully!

Sinful Colors in”Galax-sea”. Sinful Shine in “Prosecco” and “Wisp” – $1.49 each

Everyone and their momma’s know that I absolutely adore sinful colors no matter what collection. I was happy to find some of the “Sinful Shine” because it holds true to the collection even before a topcoat! I know they retail at $1.99 but cheaper is still better ^^


Fergie Nail Polish in “Hollywood Walk of Fame” – $1.74

Out of the Fergie collection, I’ve only used the gel liner (which ended up replacing my Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner at like half the price with same lasting power). This is just a clear base with a shit ton of colored stars. It’ll definitely be an overlay on a solid.

I hope you guys check out your local areas too and end up with dope finds!

Soon I should be posting up a NYX haul and maybe a few others. I’ve gotten things recently and just haven’t gotten around it em.

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Super Old, Super Gross- Getting rid of OLD cosmetics


Good morning blogosphere! This morning I’ve decided it’s finally time to free up some space in my room. After so many posts throughout the years of how makeup expires and how things harbor bacteria, I’ve decided to fully dig deep and let go. Above pictured are the things I’m actually getting rid of…. Well, should have thrown out years and years ago. No, majority of this I haven’t even touched so don’t think I still used all of this lol

Let’s see what were my main concerns shall we?


The amount of lip stuff I have is twice of this. It’s sad half of it is going in the trash. Why do I care anyway when I’ve had most of this forever? It’s because of that “quantity over quality” mindset  no one should have!


When I was younger, I was in search of lip color that enhanced me and didn’t make me look like a clown… It took forever to realize I should just stick with ones that resemble the inside of my bottom lip. What I did back in the day was buy a shit ton of cheap lippies so I can use my mouth as a pallete dressing room and see what looked good. I then realized I hate lip stuff with even the tiniest glitter or shine and I was more of a matte person with SOME over gloss. The result? These.


I haven’t used this in forever, aka maybe almost a decade.


When the Mac Hello Kitty collection  came out, I flipped out and had everything. This is the first thing I ever got in that collection. It’s a gloss in “Mimmy”. I thought it was the greatest thing in the world with perfect color payout and didn’t make my lips feel like double sided tape with molasses drizzled over. What happened? I lost it… And just now found it…..and…. GROSS


This is the oldest thing I’m throwing away. The story behind this was in 2007 (I was 16), my mom and I traveled to the Philippines for a funeral. Before this, the last time I was on a plane was the first time I went there when I was like 2 or something. I’ve never been to a duty free before as our local airport did not have one, usually just point of entry locations. We went in and to me it was like a mini Macy’s formed into the size of a bathroom. In the makeup section, this caught my eye at $16. I have never owned anything Urban Decay before this eyeshadow. Aqua is one of most favorite colors and I didn’t give a shit if it was $16 for ONE color at the time so I got it. I honestly don’t remember when was the last time I even wore blue eye shadow that wasn’t a Navy shade. Geeze, this is now like 8 years old. Yes, it’s time to go my old, old, hella old friend.

I’m sure I’ll be finding more things to get rid of, for now this is it in that department. Take some time and go through your stuff and you’ll be surprised of the grossness your vanity harbors like mine… Then again, I’m sure I’ll be doing this more often than years in between lol.
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❤ Jdm

A Thrifty Easter and a Tedious Work Week

2013-03-30_18-21-03_68I know I’ve been slacking hard on posting but as you all know,life happens lol. This will just be a visual of my previous weekend and onto this week so you guys can see what I’ve been up to 🙂

Saturday March 30, 2013


Big Lots. These are usually $1 but why not save 5 cents?


Boyfriend has been looking for this specific bed liner everywhere as stores at the moment do not carry this anymore. We found it at Big Lots and he went Ape Shiz.

Again, at Big Lots. This…just creeped me out lol

2013-03-30_18-09-55_815@ Big lots. I didn’t buy any of it due to the fact that it was all the same color =/


While we were driving through Newport News, Virginia (45 mins away from me VB)

Thought this was one of the coolest used/brand new shops I’ve ever been to. I love the name because I always said if I ever opened a thrift shop up, I’d name it this but oh well lol they beat me to it!

They had LOTS of brand new and high end stuff! Check em’ out if you’re ever near NN!


2013-03-30_18-37-18_679 2013-03-30_18-37-03_479 2013-03-30_18-35-34_545 2013-03-30_18-34-21_621 2013-03-30_18-34-16_198 2013-03-30_18-34-10_199 2013-03-30_18-34-05_86 2013-03-30_18-33-56_78 2013-03-30_18-33-32_701 2013-03-30_18-32-51_398 2013-03-30_18-32-28_106

DAV in Newport News.




LOL I thought this was the funniest thing. May be it’s wrong to laugh at it but I couldn’t help it. Thriftin’ weeeeavess.

2013-04-01_18-27-38_771Boyfriend got this for $5 at DAV and a couple of others that I don’t have pictured. I got a The Limited dress from DAV as well but I’ll have to hem it a little and I’ll post it up later (you know..if I ever have the time)


We went to TGI Fridays that night. See that flat head? I LOVE short and fat things…I took that from my boyfriend and have been keeping it in my purse…I now take pics of it everywhere I go. He knows I “tool napped” it because we were driving and I pulled it out and he was like OMG I KNEW IT!

That’s a “Grey Goose Chiller” and it was frickin’ fantastic.


foursquare_photo_tmpZomg Food Coma FTW. If any of you haven’t tried the Jack Daniel’s sampler from TGI THEN GO GO GO.

Bf has been pouting all week how we didn’t order the pot stickers -.- Anyone know if they’re good from TGI? LMK!

Sunday March 31, 2013


Went to church for easter 🙂 Asked for forgiveness a bajillion times in my silence >.> HAPPY BELATED JESUS PULLED A RES DAY!

I thought this was appropriate to take a picture of when everyone was “Praising” and singing. I coughed and my mom  sent these to me through other people passing it on and the one I opened happened to say this during the “PRAISE THE LORD” moments lol

2013-03-31_09-43-13_260Sadly, I don’t have my dress pictured because it got deleted but these were the wedges I wore. I call them my Alice In Wonderland wedges lol. Ain’t nothin’ fancy, just PayLess.

After church, we ended up searching through Big Lots and Dollar Tree for more cheapsy finds  and ate Mongolian BBQ for lunch. Then ended the night with going to Cinema Cafe to watch Hansel and Gretel (which was FREAKIN’ AWESOME)

So Far This Week

Whoever told you that Tetris doesn’t do anything for the real world IS A LIAR. I use Tetris Tactics each and every day!

Lol Made it out of scrap paper… I was hungry -_- my fat ass is always hungry.

I really hope to be posting more but it really depends on my time. I’m sure you all know how that goes. As always I thank all of my followers 🙂

I’m hoping for a good weekend this weekend and if so, I’ll be posting some stuff up. I hope to be posting some possible DIY and Nail tutorials in the near future when I have the time 🙂 Vids too!

For now, I’ll end this post with the nail design I JUST did while loading all of this stuffs up and letting them dry 🙂


All $1 each. No it’s not high end but it works. Needed some blues so picked these up after work.


This is how I generally test colors.

2013-04-04_21-39-48_97End Product 🙂

Lol @ Wally World


Lol @ Wally World

2 nights ago I was at Walmart late as hell as usual and of course I come across some shit like this lol. I have no idea why the hell this was so funny to me that it was post-worthy! Looks like someone dropped by the cosmetics first before the toy aisles.