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It’s Quiet Again

Written on paper 8/8/12

It’s quiet again…

The house are slipping.

The ones who say “all the time in the world” don’t know they’re just tripping.

The wind is growing cool once more.

Leaves will start to turn.

Summer loves fight to still burn.

Beautiful tragedies swirling all around.

Sitting again, there’s still no sound.

Running left to right, damn I’m so tired.

Night falls deep, I’m still not inspired.

Ignore the site of solidity, tranquil, so certain.

Hours pass more, I’ve got the mind of Tim Burton.

Beats start slowing down, fingers still trembling.

The feeling is so sharp, the edge is so serrated.

No matter how you fight for it, the words are so outdated.

Try not to slip and fall, because I’m tired of always falling down.

Sadness strifes to anger, adrenaline rushes through my veins.

Thoughts running on the highway, not looking when switching lanes.

Fly-by heart break, no more tender tendencies.

No more soft secret, no brands on the heart,

I’m losing it, trying my hardest not to be ripped apart.

The last strands, so tenaciously stuck,

I really, really..don’t want to not give a …..