This is Why I Love Screen Shots!


Ahh it’s nice to be able to have convos like this with your other half muahahaha

If anyone has a cell that hasn’t been rooted and you can’t screen shot ish, download GO SMS in the Droid Play Store! It has a built in Screen Shotting for the app!

Not trying to advertise or anything and be like “WHOOO I GET PAID TO LIE” because no, I do not lol…just saying that GO SMS allows this kind of shit to be captured if you don’t have SS on your cell lol. if you haven’t checked it out, go do so. It’s free and has a lot of random/awesome capabilites with customization including a privacy box (dun dun dun USE THIS WISELY! You know wth I’m talking about you secret..secret pantsed people!)

Not so pretty Lollipop Chainsaw Nails


Not so pretty Lollipop Chainsaw Nails

As ya’ll know, i’m a shitty perfectionist. I figured I’d snap a shot of this before I completely clean em’ off and redo a completely different theme haha. So let’s call this…Nail Of The Minute.