Orchard Oracle


Hello everyone! I’ve been MIA again when it was nearing my birthday and is also my nephew’s (March 6). I’ll have to make a post of everything I got relating to my blog! I hope everyone’s been good! I’ve been saying I wasn’t gonna go away and I always do  so before I “come back” I figured I’d post a recent nail design I did (:

Regal Dreams


Hello bloggesphere! It’s been super cold, snowy and icy here in VA so I’ve been doing nothing but nails and then taking it all off (Damn, I’m sorry cuticles /:).

I’ve used nail pearls for this and yes, it sucked! I’m sure they won’t last long but I’ll enjoy the hour or two I have until they break off lol



(Left to right)

Base –  Sinful Shine in “Prosecco”

Seafoam- Sinful Colors in ” Nice Stems”

Yellow-Sinful Colors in ” Solar Flux”

Base and Top Coat– Sally Hansen “Double Duty”

Nail Pearls- Gold

Modernist Tentacalis


I got tired of normal tentacle designs so I took matters into my own hands. If you guys didn’t know about my love for cephalopods, now you know!


Color: Sinful Colors in “Georgio”

Sea of Affection <3


It’s that time of the year again where we rush last minute to show our love for one another/vomit at the site of people swallowing each other’s faces! Here is my spin on V-Day. I wanted to do something different than the usual pinks and reds… And yes, that is a Valentine’s snack cake and yes, I ate it after this o_o


Base: Sinful Colors in “Nice Stems”


Striping /Accent: Sinful Shine in “Wisp”


Glitz Overlay: Sinful Colors in “Love Sprinkles”

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of their year so far! Enjoy single awareness month/V-Day everyone!


.:Candy Crush Is Ruining My Life:.

ImageOut of all frickin’ people, I swear. I was NOT supposed to play this damn game. I got so many dumbass FB requests for this game.

I was like “doo ta dooo let’s see why the hell the entire world is hooked on this…”

…..5 lives lost later

candy crush no lives heartIt keeps you going because it pisses you off.

Yes. Fuckin’ hell I want my life back!

…I’m talking all of this shit and here I am at 1am doing candy crush nails and posting about it when I should be driving somewhere -.-