Post Christmas Thrift

Happy New Year everyone! Well… 2nd day of the new year! I hope everyone’s was safe and fun (:
In my previous post, I said I’d post on my most recent thrift so here it goes….

Family Thrift Center, Virginia Beach, Va
I thrift a lot with my mom so December 26th she said let’s go so she took me to this place. I didn’t take much pics inside as it was crowded as Hell. Here’s what I got:


Upon my arrival, I noticed no signs anywhere indicating there were any sales going on like how Goodwill and Salvation army have tag color sales. It was over stuffed and the aisles made me feel like I was going to have a nose bleed. Mom said “give it a chance and check around”… Well ma it’s kinda hard when you’re getting hit by other people pushing carts -. –


I did notice they had “categories “such as this one as well as a “skate &  surf” rack containing brands like Volcom and Hurley. This rack in particular had like 4 items and we’re definitely dated and you could tell why they were there. The skate and surf racks were super stuffed, it was so hard to go through.

Let’s talk pricing…
At Pacsun you’d be able to find a brand new tee on sale for $15. Why the hell would I get a used one for $10 here??  The “boutique”  clothing seriously ranged from $15-$60 and 85% didn’t even have tags. Yeah the pricing in general made me ask myself who the hell would spend that much at a thrift store for items you’d be able to get cheaper at somewhere like Plato’s Closet even especially because they pre-sort the shitty out of the group for you. The racks have separate pricing ranging from normal and dropping down to 99 ¢ and trust me, I checked those first and could see why they were on that rack as well.
Housewares was a mess and had half melted  candles  missing wicks for $7… I’ve found 50¢ full candles at Habitat thrift so hell no.

On a random note, this is one thing I found and literally lol’d at


Destiny's child camera case

                            Damn I shoulda bought it!

Now, let’s skip all of the bs I went through and get to the stuff that I thought was actually worth buying!



I have no idea what drew me to this Hound’s tooth blazer. It’s reversible with red inside (which there’s no way In hell I’d wear it that way).

BRAND: unknown


Merrell Wynne dress

This to me was my best find of that night! After some research, I found out it’s a Merrell Wynne Dress. I’ve always known Merrell was known for “adventure” shoes for hiking and stuff but never knew they made dresses. To my surprise, it was priced at $75 retail not on sale and I got it for $10 with tags. I’ve never had a dress with moisture wicking inner slip and kimono sleeves o_o Yeah , I had to have it for summer or warmer spring days!

BRAND: Merrell
PRICE: $10



My mom originally told me not to get this because it’s make me look old buuuuut Idk what drew me to this dress either. Most possibly it was the detail of the upper portion.



This is more of a summer dress if you had to put it into a category other than underwear which it isn’t. Yeah yeah, it looks it but it ain’t. I’ve never heard of the brand Lucy Love though but that’s the wonderful part of thrifting.

BRAND:Lucy Love


2 inches short of being a dress so this will be paired with leggings since it covers my butt

BRAND: Julie’s Closet


The top and bottoms were thrifted that day. The top is a no sleeve. I’m generally not a polka dot, ruffle type of person but the tie up top is what sold me! I was searching for spring and summer bottoms and I couldn’t understand why shorts were priced around $7 and up. However, the capris I found were shoved between a different rack and I’m pretty happy I found them. I’m not much of a Capri person either but I figured it’d go well with a few things I own so I paired it with that top.  Those wedges were not thrifted as they were in clearance from Wet Seal.




Black wrap watch

Everytime I’m in the jewelry area, it’s intoxicated with dead battery items and  crappy costume jewelry. On my way out, I saw this and was surprised as Hell for it to still be ticking and even have the correct time! It’s real leather however, I have no idea about the rest of it. It’s a Japanese  quartz though (as my boyfriend who has an extensive and expensive watch collection featuring citizens and his newest Motorola smart watch told me).  The back says it’s stainless steel and the brand on the front is so tiny, I can’t make it out.

BRAND: unknown


The boyfriend and I’s new year collage ; I wore that top for eve due to the fact that us Asians like to think stripes rep dollars and polka dots rep coins soo there ya go!

I apologize for the scanty post but I know I keep saying I’ll post more and I will!
Thanks for stopping by!

Japanese Gothic Lolita Doll Cosplay


Well, I did say I was going to be posting out of order since it’s been forever :)I ended up dressing up on Halloween at work.For all of you haters, NOPE none of this cosplay is any of your fancy shmancy lolita wear. I pieced it together myself so…HATE ON ❤

Everything aside from le undies,umbrella, hosiery and top-hat were thrifted.

“Dress”- Pulled up laced skirt with lace long sleeve up top.

Choker-Made at work with grosgrain

DSCN1593 DSCN1589


Had no choice for my holster placement lol
DSCN1597 DSCN1598 DSCN1604 DSCN1614

Plato’s Closet Grab Bag Event 7/13/13:Crazy as shit.Nuff Said.


Every time I’m supposed to go to this, something comes up.

Well, if my friend Steph didn’t excite me and continuously text me and call me to get my ass up and go, I wouldn’t have gone lol.So, THANKS STEPH!<3

For those of you who don’t know what the hype is all about:

1 Brown bag $15- You fill it up with as much clearance items as possible (stamped with like 50% off in red)

Otherwise, the whole store is 10% off.

2013-07-13_10-07-03_681We went to the Plato’s in Virginia Beach, Va. Yes, I expected it to be packed but not AS packed as it actually was.

Here’s a little taste of the chaos (ooh Taste of Chaos<3)

2013-07-13_11-04-55_341 2013-07-13_10-45-02_644 2013-07-13_10-44-59_596Ya damn right I picked all I could  AND THEN tried to stuff the bag on the floor. Did it work out? Hell yes.

Le bf came up to me and was like “well..instead of getting another bag, how about you fill the rest of mine?” SCOREEEEE

2013-07-13_11-45-38_541 2013-07-13_11-25-11_533We stood in the maze of a line (which it seemed like 5 lines were conjoining) for hours. Yes, hours. Was it hot as hell in there with all of that sweaty shopping enthusiasts? Yup. Can’t complain TOO much…one of the staff were passing out paper plates for self fanning lol THANKS GIRL AT VA BEACH PLATO’S CLOSET!


Well there goes my fan =/2013-07-13_12-23-12_125 2013-07-13_12-28-11_207 2013-07-13_12-40-16_690 2013-07-13_12-40-22_429 2013-07-13_12-42-07_476

Thanks b for carrying the bags! I was shocked he offered only because everyone was irritated yet he waiting patiently with us<3 Love you!


Just realizing Steph and I were both wearing Mary Janes, figured it’d be a pic moment…however B stuck his foot in and whilephoto-bombing he said “YOLO” -__-


Even though it was scary as hell to see him do this due to the fear of the bags ripping and me being the “fuck it meme” in real life, innovation is always at it’s best with us lol
2013-07-13_12-54-15_13 2013-07-13_12-57-04_589 2013-07-13_13-02-02_808

I thought it was pretty innovative to stuff my stuff in the bag that was in the brown bag lol

So thankfully I had cash. All we heard was


“WHY HUH?!?!”-Me






Although people were lying about our “group”(and when I say group I mean us and the nice 3-5 people behind and in front of us)

cutting ahead, we made it out alive. Hella people were cutting and even talking shit out loud like they worked there. But shit, we’re alive and well thrifted.


Pictured things that I got lucky with

(Including tag price) (Anything that was not part of the bag will show discounted price)



Pretty Girl Fashion-$6


Charlotte Russe Dress-$12

XXI Dress-$12

XXI -$6, $5.40 with 10% off (not included in bag)

Bebe Off shoulder-$12

Tini Lili White button down dress-$14 (Found this on a random rack hiding while in line)

O’neill Floral Dress-$16


XXI Crop top-$16


Sequin Loves dress-$8

Volcom purple no sleeve  neck loop over-$8

Don’t know the brand *shrugs* $5-$4.50 after 10% off

Black Poppy Camo bag -$12, $10.80 after 10% off

Daisy Fuentes Brown Bag-$14

Volcom Grey/silver bag-$18

Pillow looking bag (couldn’t find the brand tag)-$10, $9 after 10% off

I have no idea how the hell I fit those big ass bags in the tiny brown bag *Daisy & Volcom*

Arden B Sequin skirt-16

Love Tease Shorts-$14


Charlotte Russe crazy ass skirt that Steph found me <3-$12

Rue 21 skirt-$102013-07-13_16-42-29_317

Aeropostal army green shorts-$10

NY & Co Tiedye shorts-$8


Misope Dress-$7 (hiding underneath some ladies leg while scrapping with another for some ugly ass shorts)2013-07-13_16-43-19_169

J75 by Jump,Fender Graphite Silver lizard silver plate high tops-$12, $10.80 after 10% off (these retail for $89.99!)2013-07-14_21-21-39_586

This post does not include B’s stuff however the receipt does.

He got a pair of Etnies jeans and Legacy jeans with a few shirts and then 2 10% off ones.

2013-07-18_21-24-58_608For those who went, be thankful we survived.

For all of you who brought your children not thinking it thoroughly, please think thoroughly next time instead of using your toddler children as a “check if these *500 items*  are on sale for mommy” floor ornaments.

For those who didn’t, SOL until the next (~_^)

And to every staff member that has ever worked a Plato’s Closet Grab Bag Event, may you be blessed and hopefully you got paid time & 1/2 for all of that bullshit you had to clean up.

Just thought I had to add this lol

Oriental Decor in Va Beach


I was about to die because it was that damn cute to meCgosms_2013-07-1302-51-29

lol better explanation of what’s going on2013-07-13_14-42-59_759

Recent Thrift Haul : Discounts of DOOOOM

Sadly, DAVs doesn’t have normal discount days like other stores do and I went to the Chesapeake, Va DAV day before 4th of July….aka on a Wednesday aka the day I SHOULD be at Salvation Army for 50% off day *sigh* HOWEVER….



Saw this as I was leaving at their “boutique” section and contemplated for 10 seconds if it was fake or not o.O
2013-07-03_19-39-47_401 2013-07-03_19-39-16_408 2013-07-03_19-39-09_169 2013-07-03_19-38-51_541 2013-07-03_19-38-47_381 2013-07-03_18-19-01_501 2013-07-03_18-20-16_934

As seen on tv eh…Never seen this shit in my whole life until DAV lol


Yes. Brand new from Steinmart. However….I wouldn’t wear something that looks like the sewing machine were vomiting old bobbins.


Almost every DAV I’ve been too has their racks way too packed. I had the hardest time to sift through jeans and because they close their fitting rooms early it sucks..

Yes, Yes. I had a “thrift outfit” on to be able to try over. HOWEVER, again, area was too packed.2013-07-03_19-06-41_923 2013-07-03_19-35-51_567 2013-07-03_18-18-16_671 2013-07-03_18-16-27_996 2013-07-03_18-14-54_915


..well… what I have pictures of anyway -.-


Spirited Randolph Duke2013-07-03_20-24-44_975 2013-07-03_20-26-14_268

Asics-Sakura Diva Edtion $15. Inside super white still 😀 Threw them in the washing machine >:O

Found at the “boutique”


Confession…I spent $2 on this because it has aminal buttons..Don’t judge me -_-


Okay Okay before I get bitched at…I thought about this long long long and hard hard hard. Yes, at first I was completely disgusted in thought. I’ve always told myself NO NO NO to shit like this thrifted. I couldn’t get over the cuteness of this because I’m tired of 2 piece bikinis and like monokinis better. This one to me just stuck out and I couldn’t help myself. It’s been through the wash a few times. A few more to go before I get myself to wear it >.>2013-07-03_20-51-48_159

Tripp Skirt with bondage straps. Usual retail for this at Hottopic isn’t cheap. It was $3 😀


$0.99 I ❤ Famous

2013-07-03_20-56-54_327Le BF’s Geoffrey Beene Button up. Still has all the tabs and extra buttons. $2 SCORE

2013-07-03_20-35-48_763 2013-07-03_20-54-44_837Old Navy Gingham style. I Looove the color :3 $2. It’d be cute paired up with some high waisted denim shorts tucked in…oooh OOTD idea!

2013-07-03_20-44-20_673 2013-07-03_20-44-36_777Forever21 Baby Doll styled top. Yes, I look like an Easter Hershey Kiss but do I care? No.

2013-07-03_20-29-54_19 2013-07-03_21-02-56_701

Oh lawd….I fell in love the moment I laid my eyes on these. I’ve been looking for Mary Janes like these for a while. They’re clog styled which stuck out the most 🙂

Cato Brand;$42013-07-03_21-07-10_119 2013-07-03_21-07-22_313 2013-07-03_21-07-32_418Did I ever express my love for not so normal mugs/cups?

I’ve got a few other things that aren’t pictured that made my total come up to $55 -.-

Out of all of my thrift hauls, that is actually the most I’ve spent in a LONNGGGG ass time thrifting…But shit it was worth it!

More hauls coming up soon!

Happy thrifting!!!


Always Gone With Le Wind (PIC UPDATE!)

ImageSeriously, how long has it been since my last post?!

Geebuz, life sure does happen doesn’t it? I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had any time to post anything! However, I never forgot to take random pics throughout the month specifically FOR posting 🙂

This will be just a photo update without all of the long explanations piece by piece! (Okay I lied. There will be some descriptions lol)  This is just a PARTIAL update, only because this was a draft for another 2 weeks lol.


Kagura-Chesapeake, VA



2013-05-04_21-59-37_832 2013-05-04_21-59-32_464

Hokkaido-Norfolk, VA2013-05-06_14-36-34_734 2013-05-06_14-37-34_910 2013-05-06_14-37-45_740 2013-05-06_14-37-51_673 2013-05-06_15-14-14_267 2013-05-06_15-22-29_652 2013-05-06_15-33-42_39

Ribs, Wings, And Things-Va Beach, VA2013-05-10_13-28-02_1762013-05-10_13-17-09_85


For a few weeks, I went on a health kick and made and ate Lentil Soup like cray. If anyone wants my recipe, LMK!


Obviously, TJ Maxx lol. I’ve never seen the purse holder portion of the cart. Pretty dope!


Goodwill-Va Beach,Va2013-05-13_13-07-10_198 2013-05-13_13-07-20_11 2013-05-13_13-09-05_536 2013-05-13_13-09-46_4 Confec 2013-05-13_13-13-49_503 2013-05-13_13-24-47_260 2013-05-13_13-39-56_541

Damn I wanted this shirt, BAD. Too fat -.-2013-05-13_13-47-18_708 2013-05-13_13-47-28_126 2013-05-13_13-47-32_243

Picked this up for le bf. Pretty nice to come by tactical gear while thrifting 🙂 It’s his new range shirt 😀
2013-05-13_14-10-14_260 2013-05-13_14-10-21_43

lol I wondered the whole time if this was bootleg


UGH! Upset as FAWKKKK about this! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret! I passed up on this thinking it was open. Lady comes after me, buys it and it was BRAND NEW. Fml

Charlotte Russe quarter sleeve


SpaceGirlz jeans-Brand new for 4 bucks


Barefeet Shoes-Norfolk, VA


I’ve been looking for black liquid leggings for a lonnnng ass time. Finally! Don’t mind the ugly feets


2013-05-05_13-44-44_570 2013-05-05_12-15-40_757Of course these were just the only ones pictured. As everyone knows (and don’t take this the wrong way), I have nail ADD. I’m pretty sure in the past month that I haven’t posted, I’ve probably done my nails 20+ times.


Sterling Meadows-VA Beach, VA

2013-05-13_16-50-10_747 2013-05-13_16-00-15_27

Hershey got her hurr and nails did here.
2013-05-12_16-47-46_295Range time for suppressor testing 🙂


I’ve also been going to the gym (Planet Fitness) every other day…well unless I’ve done something strenuous already, then that constitutes me not going. Call me a slacker, idgaf. I’ve been on my journey for a month and a half so far. I’ll get there eventually. I’m not quitting just because it’s going slow. Call me a fatass once I’ve stopped.

The top (Head) And shorts (Jockey) came from TJ Maxx in that above picture with the cart. I usually wear Nikes or Reeboks  to work out but you see those purple and grey kicks? They were $14 at Walmart (Danskin) and have been working just fine. For you sneaker heads who are probably like “OMFG EW WALMART SHOES”…..BITCH PLEASE STFU. You act like all of the things you own are SOOOO different. Little do people know but some places (Factories/Manufacturers) actually make all the same shit and just mark em with different labels so I don’t wanna hear/read it. *Takes a deep breath* kay I’m good.2013-05-08_13-43-27_28That right there, is me at work . I was on my way to make something with One Wrap…did I want to take a whole bunch of shit with me and possibly drop everything between my pudgy fingers? Nope. This is how I deal with some thangs. One Wrap weave stuck on me FTMFW!

So that’s it for now people! I’ve had a little more time for thrifting recently so I’ll post up soon. I’ve taken another part time job so I haven’t had much time for shit. I now have the new Galaxy Tab 2 7″ so maybe I’ll be able to post faster without having to get on the comp and do all kindsa thangs that’ll just sidetrack me (Gaming, Steam, TeamSpeak, FB, you know, everything)

For all of you who haven’t unfollowed me (or just haven’t gave a damn) Thank you!

Happy blogging in le blogosphere!


Storage Wars, Thrift Store Hopping,Oil Changing and Sushi

2013-04-06_10-09-55_739On Saturday, we had a purrrty thrifty day. Our day with our friends started off at a storage unit community garage sale.

9 in the morning and it was cold as heyal >.< The following will be pics throughout the day.



My friend and I spent a few minutes verifying if they were real or not but said fuck it and left that storage unit lol


Buncha surplus stuff that was scorable.


The boys got sea bags and gas masks at cheaper than surplus store prices 🙂

2013-04-06_10-12-49_632My feets were so cold >.< However, I did get a few compliments 😉 God, I hope that lady didn’t think I was stalking her or anytthing haha


A new DAV Thrift Store opened up in Chesapeak, Virginia near Butts Station and we were super duper excited to go. I scored so many awesome finds. All of the finds I got will be at the end!


2013-04-06_11-01-52_268 2013-04-06_11-02-17_17 2013-04-06_11-06-20_945

Too bad they weren’t my size D:

2013-04-06_11-21-24_349LOL these got us so weak. Binoculars+Camera=Awesome Creeper supplies.



2013-04-06_12-27-22_572 2013-04-06_12-33-36_134


The girl sitting in the left rocking chair is not only my friend but also my co-worker and my new thrifting partner! This girl spots awesome shit a mile a way. She’s new to blogging so when she has time she’ll start to post up!

Click for Steph’s lair ^_^

Yes, bf is carrying the man bag around and it even has a patch on their that says “Certified man bag” hahaha


I’ve posted about Sushi King in VA Beach numerous times and again, an awesome ass lunch.

2013-04-06_13-33-17_659 2013-04-06_13-50-26_130 2013-04-06_14-05-18_21 2013-04-06_14-10-39_338



MOLLE hammock FTMFW!2013-04-06_14-35-15_971 2013-04-06_15-18-18_37Steph and her dudeman got this awesome ass find for under $200. It was in great condition! Round Lounge Sofas can get pretty up there and they were very fortunate to find this thing. The scariest thing was when they were trying to get that shit on the Taco >.> OoOh Sushi King..HAAAAYYY


2013-04-06_16-17-02_726 2013-04-06_16-32-25_285


2013-04-06_20-25-01_783 2013-04-06_20-24-21_654True Blue Brand new high waisted shorts for $2 at the storage units.

The rest of my finds were from the new DAV

2013-04-06_20-25-41_912 2013-04-06_20-26-24_894



Great Northwest pocketed cardi $2.98


Urban Outfitters Brand new tank $1.982013-04-06_20-31-21_824 2013-04-06_20-31-47_97 2013-04-06_20-32-09_646

H&M pleated skirt $1.98


2013-04-06_20-35-13_43 2013-04-06_20-34-27_483Women’s army hat $0.75 compared to the $10 at the surplus stores

I got a black one and Steph got a green one 🙂


My most favorite skirt I’ve ever found thrifting. Forever 21 pocketed skirt $4.982013-04-06_20-36-17_95 2013-04-06_20-37-35_306 2013-04-06_20-36-52_50



A Thrifty Easter and a Tedious Work Week

2013-03-30_18-21-03_68I know I’ve been slacking hard on posting but as you all know,life happens lol. This will just be a visual of my previous weekend and onto this week so you guys can see what I’ve been up to 🙂

Saturday March 30, 2013


Big Lots. These are usually $1 but why not save 5 cents?


Boyfriend has been looking for this specific bed liner everywhere as stores at the moment do not carry this anymore. We found it at Big Lots and he went Ape Shiz.

Again, at Big Lots. This…just creeped me out lol

2013-03-30_18-09-55_815@ Big lots. I didn’t buy any of it due to the fact that it was all the same color =/


While we were driving through Newport News, Virginia (45 mins away from me VB)

Thought this was one of the coolest used/brand new shops I’ve ever been to. I love the name because I always said if I ever opened a thrift shop up, I’d name it this but oh well lol they beat me to it!

They had LOTS of brand new and high end stuff! Check em’ out if you’re ever near NN!


2013-03-30_18-37-18_679 2013-03-30_18-37-03_479 2013-03-30_18-35-34_545 2013-03-30_18-34-21_621 2013-03-30_18-34-16_198 2013-03-30_18-34-10_199 2013-03-30_18-34-05_86 2013-03-30_18-33-56_78 2013-03-30_18-33-32_701 2013-03-30_18-32-51_398 2013-03-30_18-32-28_106

DAV in Newport News.




LOL I thought this was the funniest thing. May be it’s wrong to laugh at it but I couldn’t help it. Thriftin’ weeeeavess.

2013-04-01_18-27-38_771Boyfriend got this for $5 at DAV and a couple of others that I don’t have pictured. I got a The Limited dress from DAV as well but I’ll have to hem it a little and I’ll post it up later (you know..if I ever have the time)


We went to TGI Fridays that night. See that flat head? I LOVE short and fat things…I took that from my boyfriend and have been keeping it in my purse…I now take pics of it everywhere I go. He knows I “tool napped” it because we were driving and I pulled it out and he was like OMG I KNEW IT!

That’s a “Grey Goose Chiller” and it was frickin’ fantastic.


foursquare_photo_tmpZomg Food Coma FTW. If any of you haven’t tried the Jack Daniel’s sampler from TGI THEN GO GO GO.

Bf has been pouting all week how we didn’t order the pot stickers -.- Anyone know if they’re good from TGI? LMK!

Sunday March 31, 2013


Went to church for easter 🙂 Asked for forgiveness a bajillion times in my silence >.> HAPPY BELATED JESUS PULLED A RES DAY!

I thought this was appropriate to take a picture of when everyone was “Praising” and singing. I coughed and my mom  sent these to me through other people passing it on and the one I opened happened to say this during the “PRAISE THE LORD” moments lol

2013-03-31_09-43-13_260Sadly, I don’t have my dress pictured because it got deleted but these were the wedges I wore. I call them my Alice In Wonderland wedges lol. Ain’t nothin’ fancy, just PayLess.

After church, we ended up searching through Big Lots and Dollar Tree for more cheapsy finds  and ate Mongolian BBQ for lunch. Then ended the night with going to Cinema Cafe to watch Hansel and Gretel (which was FREAKIN’ AWESOME)

So Far This Week

Whoever told you that Tetris doesn’t do anything for the real world IS A LIAR. I use Tetris Tactics each and every day!

Lol Made it out of scrap paper… I was hungry -_- my fat ass is always hungry.

I really hope to be posting more but it really depends on my time. I’m sure you all know how that goes. As always I thank all of my followers 🙂

I’m hoping for a good weekend this weekend and if so, I’ll be posting some stuff up. I hope to be posting some possible DIY and Nail tutorials in the near future when I have the time 🙂 Vids too!

For now, I’ll end this post with the nail design I JUST did while loading all of this stuffs up and letting them dry 🙂


All $1 each. No it’s not high end but it works. Needed some blues so picked these up after work.


This is how I generally test colors.

2013-04-04_21-39-48_97End Product 🙂

Where the hell has Confection1nfection been? Part 2

ImageSo the ending of my birthmas fandom, this is just going to be a post related to whatever random things I’ve been up to.

This is a ring holder my sister inlaw got. At their house, they have an elephant next to their sink to put their rings when washing dishes. Each time I came over there I got super excited and even thought about jacking it a couple of times (yeah right from my own bro’s house? that’s just wrong! Well, we’ll say BORROWING lol). My sis inlaw heard me squeal over that shit multiple times and BAM I got one! 

ImageThese cute ass mugs have been in my mom’s Altima’s trunk for about a month or two. I got these for 75cents each while on a Salvo’s Wednesday trip. Shit it’s Wednesday right now and if I wasn’t sick as fuck and looking like I cried for years on end while my muscles were all achy breaky then I’d be thrifting atm -_- I’ve already missed a couple of days at work. I’ve been sleeping all damn week and I woke up earlier choking and now I can’t go back to sleep so hell, why not finish this big ass update on me eh? Anyway, back to these cute ass mugs! So the main reason why I got them is because of the ridged indents on the side for le fingers and of course, the beautiful jade-esque color. A lot of people I know get disgusted by knowing their drinking out of a glass or eating off of a plate that came from someone else’s possession…well shit. Did you sanitize a plate before eating at someone else’s house or go out to eat with your friends while your drunk ass is downing shots of patron that had slut lips nuzzled against the same rim that you’re licking whatever salt left over there is? I think not.  Main rule for thrifting: CLEAN YO SHIT. Image

About a weekish ago, my brother asked me to go apartment hunting with him and of course, I always say yes. Yes, I go for the ride. Who the hell wouldn’t? We ended up in Newport News, Va and came across this gas station/food mart. Again, ya’ll know I LOVE gas station food. The sign made me O_O foreal and I just had to try the gizzards out. ImageSee that crispy, greasy, fatty goodness? $5 for a large drink and those gizzards. Automatically came with Texas Pete (ooohweeee my fav) and yes, the sign told the truth, it is THE SHIT. Gross, gross cuticles…don’t mind them -_- Washing dishes with no gloves will do it.


While in that part of Hampton Roads, near Buckroe Beach there was a “Dollar Bargain” store. As cheap as us siblings can be, we were like HEEYAL YEAH LEZGO! Doodadooo *walking walking* Yeah man, the inside was no normal dollar tree. They had an array of random things and remember, Random=Awesome. Those nail polishes were $1 each. Unlike some people I know IRL and online, I honestly don’t give a fuck if my polish is “upscale” or “high end” or “fancy as shit with long lasting power”. If you truly “LOVE” nail varnishes, you’d know you don’t just stick to ONE EXPENSIVE ASS KIND. Honest truth? I love trying all brands. It doesn’t have to have “long lasting” in the description because I change my nails up more than once a week for the most part.If I do plan on keeping the same stuff on, I’ll just pair it up with a good top coat. It’s common sense really. I ain’t gotta be FANCY all of the time.I mean, of course the way it comes out of the bottle and onto the brush and onto the nails is important but then again, it’s nothing a little bit of thinner can’t cure. I mean shit, it was a dollar, why complain? Most of the time, you seriously get what you pay for. However these “I.C.E” (Not Pure Ice) polishes weren’t half bad for a buck.

These are some things I did to try em out:ImageImage

Don’t mind my ugly ass toes please.


As I’ve stated before, I LOVE alligator clips! This particular one happened to be from that shop from Buckroe and of course, it was a buck. I know it’s going to break in like a month but I’ll love it while it lasts lol.


And just to throw this in, a few hours after I did that pastellish design uptop, I swapped to this messy tentacle design in which the next morning, I swapped colors and design once again lol…don’t judge me!


Sooo apart from all those random things I’ve posted about my time apart from blogging, I’ve also started working at a Tactical Shop. During my lunch, I was eating that lovely portable children’s yogurt and I’m not stating the name for certain purposes buuut uh..yeah….It’s not always the best to give us humans the option to be “creative” because people like me will end up filling in the blanks with shit like that…JUST SAYING. 

Anyway so the ending of this post is, I’ve been sick as fuck for this past week. I had to type this particular post up in parts with hitting the save button multiple times because I kept falling asleep after I said I couldn’t fall back asleep. Well shit, I’m awake once again and can’t breath through mah face so here I am, finishing this up. Hopefully I’ll get time and more topics to dish out onto this but for now, ya’ll are just gonna have to deal with this! 

Thank you guys for your patience and support! ❤ Confection1nfection

Where the hell has Confection1nfection been?Part 1(Lengthy but if you’d like, you can just browse the pics!)


Hello fellow blogsters! It’s been way too long since my last posts, I know I know -_-

This post is just to update ya’ll on what’s been going on.

That pic above was my birthmas weekend at Corolla Beach, North Carolina.

We went off-roading for the most part. I’ve made a video specifically for you guys on WordPress but uhh yeahhh no time for editing so here are some pics of the trip!


Le breakfast I made for our friends that came with us before we left for NC: Fried rice and my perfect sizzlin’ bacon along with some sweet ass southern tea 😀Image


That was taken on the border. Generally where I live, it’s approximately 25 minutes to the NC border. Raleigh, the place I was born at is about 4 hours away from Virginia Beach. However, Corolla, NC is only 2 hours away.





2013-03-09_09-33-00_55 2013-03-09_09-43-33_123

If ya’ll haven’t figured it out, I love Walmart. Every roadtrip or wherever we’re not used to, we visit theirs and this is the kind of shit I found at the Carolina one lol


Signs were posted everywhere to stay 50ft away from the wild horsies…and there they are!



Lol Only reason why I took this is because at first look we were like “WTF KIND OF TRAILER?!”



Wild pony appears! Wild pony uses *CUTE*. Confection1nfection faints -_-


After the fun, we went to go eat at a place called Outerbanks Brewing Station.


Oyster Po’boy and awesome ass wedges.


Everyone else got their famous beer sampler but since I’m not one for beer…when they made me try each kind…uh to me it just tasted like sweet bleach >_<

DSC00346My friend and I however got “Mandatory Evacuations” lol it was pretty damn tasty so we let the boys have their sweet bleach.


After eating, we ATTEMPTED to go thrifting but shit, all of them cept 1 was closed and at that one I went to, we didn’t find much but a giant stack of Redbox dvds lolol

DSC00362 DSC00361


Wondering how much those people get paid to work on those in the water o.o
DSC00372Never seen a Mickey D’s express before lol

2013-03-09_18-30-49_123Very end of our road trip on the way home, we went to the Border Station. That was called “southern strawberry” but Idk how it was more southern than other strawberry flavors lol

2013-03-09_18-31-47_702I think we were all tired as shit but we figured this is just…fuckin’….wrong LOL

Part 2 coming up! (soon hopefully)

OOTD-Thrifted ( not undies -_-)



Simple updo with an alligator clip (my fav)


Papaya Foil accented rose tank

Black American Eagle Cardigan & Sound and Matter pocketed bubble skirt-Thrifted recently and featured in my most recent adventure

Paired the skirt by overlaying my favorite bow belt that snaps in the back.


Say What? Ribbed leggings also thrifted as of recent.

Carysma Club loafers previously featured in another post of mine with a more clear picture